HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c
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HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c contains the drivers that are Mac OS X compatible with the HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c scanners.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c scanner.

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HP ScanJet 4570c/5... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 8.x:
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iehmove commented on 25 Feb 2006
This set of reviews was helpful. I am the new owner of a Mac-mini; have owned computers since Commodore/Kaypro days and am somewhat platform neutral (I know, I know).

One thing I am sure of, after twenty years of doing this, is that overcomplicating any system with unnecessary software/drivers creates far more problems than it is worth.

When I saw the file size of this alleged 'driver', I had to read the reviews. I think I will take a pass on attempting to use this software, though it would be nice to make use of my existing, reliable scanner. It is just not worth the risk of having to deal with the terror-in-a-jar that this driver could turn out to be.

If someone at HP wakes up and replaces this behemoth with a practical driver, I will be ready to reconsider my decision.

To all those who attempt to steam ahead with the driver, 'Good luck!' A couple of other bits of advice for that crowd: 1. no matter how inconvenient it may seem, backup religously (especially before a major system change); 2. not everyone who is not directly confrontational with you intends to help you; and, 3. get away from computers, TVs and gadgets enough to really live.

[Version 8.4]


Jeff-H. commented on 17 Feb 2006

HP software was always a little problematic
[Version 8.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 21 Jun 2005
results of scanning of 35 mm slides are disappointing. The slides are perfect, but the scanned results are awful.
Scanning of pictures gives the same results and I just dont' know how to fix either of the problems .Judy
[Version 7.1.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Dec 2004
It's all because I have the damn thing but I would never again buy a HP product. My scanner and printer give me nothing but sh*t. I lost count of all the times I needed to reinstall HP related software.
[Version 7.1.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Jun 2003
Perhaps things have changed - I am running an old G4 400 with 10.2.2 and the software rocks! It would be nice to have a photoshop plug in but heck this is the easiest I have ever had it - and it was free!
[Version 5.1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Jan 2003
198 MB?
A driver is 198 MB - and I can't complain about the download? The HP site is one of the slowest of all major computer makers...
[Version 5.1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Jan 2003
oh come on, you can't give a product a rating of 1 because your crap software can't download the file! I downloaded it without any problems, and the software works just fine.
[Version 5.1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Jan 2003
Nope. Doesn't work, but the download took forever (waiting). I think there is somethign wrong with the uploaded file.
Given that I bought this scanner months POST 10.2, this should have been fixed!
[Version 5.1.1]

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MICATO rated on 20 Apr 2012

[Version 8.4]

Version Downloads:16,125
Type:Drivers : Scanners
Date:06 Feb 2006
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c contains the drivers that are Mac OS X compatible with the HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c scanners.

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