RB Plugin Plunger
RB Plugin Plunger


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RB Plugin Plunger

11 March 2003

REALbasic plug-in retrieves file information.


RB Plugin Plunger is a REALbasic plugin that utilizes the "Plugin Analyser" plugin and other plugins, including TT's FileMgr-Plugin, TT's FolderItem-Plugin and NavFolderItem plugins, RB Plugin Plunger retrieves information from the classes, controls, methods, events and eventInstances from a plugin, while additional information from the resource fork of the plugin is being retrieved as well. In its current state RB Plugin Plunger is also useful for plugin developers. They can add help files directly into the plugin resources. RB Plugin Plunger is open source and actively being improved.

What's new in RB Plugin Plunger

Version 3.0a20 makes it so almost everything has been re-written to alleviate a problem where the code was getting so bad and complicated that it could no longer be maintained in a good way.

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