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Regulate kids Internet usage and app usage.   Shareware ($29.95)
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Mac Minder is a tool for parents, teachers, and sysadmins that helps track and regulate usage of programs on your Mac. Maybe you'd like to keep your kids from playing games for more than an hour after school, you want to know which programs they are using, or maybe you're just curious about which programs you use each day and how much.
What's New
Version 2.5.7:
  • Certain games could avoid being managed
  • Entering the registering the app while logged in as a non-admin user didn't work
  • The computer time lockout now quits full screen apps if running
  • The computer time lockout window now captures the screen
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

MacUpdate - Mac Minder

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Mac Minder User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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gazman commented on 21 Oct 2008
This product has been made obsolete - the developer has closed down his website and it is no longer possible to purchase the software. However, I purchased a licence back when it was in operation but as I can no longer use it (MacMinder refuses to launch in 10.5 and my MacBook can't run anything earlier) I will post my licence here:

[Version 2.5.7]


draftech tipped on 09 Aug 2008
Been using for a while, and have been basically pleased with the program. Thought I would check for an update, and like the previous post found the website no longer exists. Is the company still in business? Anyone???
[Version 2.5.7]

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MacUpdate-Lon commented on 09 Aug 2008
The posts right below yours:

gazman replied on 02 Oct 2008
Some people here are wanting a serial to use this program. I have a paid serial that I am happy to share seeing as the developer has gone out of business. I will wait to hear from MacUpdate Admin before posting.


hced reviewed on 13 Jul 2006
This program is brilliant! Works flawlessly, without ANY problem at all and it's simply the best software in its kind.

I can deeply recommend this product. And I think, for what it does, it's very cheap. Most likely, anything that were out of control when it comes to your own, or your kids' computer useage before, will be totally turned upside down, like it or not ;-)

I was very addicted to online games before. My wife alike. We purchased the family license of Mac Minder and have been keeping each others' Mac Minder passwords every since, and it really works. We've set up Mac Minder so that we can only play between certain hours throughout the week, and yes - embarrasingly enough - for us, only a program like Mac Minder can remedy these gaming habits.

Thanks a ton for a great product, developers.
[Version 2.5.4]



Dave Burbank reviewed on 08 May 2006
Mac Minder represents the end of a long search for a utility to help me regulate how long my kids use the family computer. I have looked at many other programs and found this to work best. I have set up schedules for each child which indicates what periods of the day and for how long each child can use the Mac. For those special times when they ARE actually doing homework , I can easily give the child more computer time without disrupting their work flow. It is stable, elegant, secure, and I have found support to be excellent.
[Version 2.5.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 Oct 2004
Probably the most educational program available - kids will learn more from figuring out how to disable this than from most software.
[Version 2.5.1]

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Anonymous commented on 06 Mar 2005
I agree with the other poster, kids will learn more than enough while they try (and suceed) at disabling it.

I myself have found more than one foolproof way, simplest is doing a safe-boot - but if you want to use programs that require startup items (like games) just change the name of MacMinderMonitor to something else, and it will not run.

Also one other method, that can't be stopped with 'permision' folder settings - but im not going into detail on it.

Enjoy, this program sucks - your kids will spend more time trying to figure out how to disable it than doing homework, just like I did.

gazman replied on 08 May 2006
Easiest fool-proof way is to set Open Firmware Password to on then give your kids a standard (or managed) account in System Preferences.
chris howard1 replied on 24 Sep 2006
Nonsense. Absolute nonsense.

My six year old, eight year old, ten year old and eleven year old have not been able to crack Mac Minder. Whether they've even tried, I'm not sure, but I do know the eldest has cracked Apple's own parental controls on an un-MacMinded Mac.

I've actually even told them that (according to you lot), that MM can be hacked, yet they still haven't. I might add, the eldest this year received a distinction in a prestigious nationwide computer skills competition, so he's certainly no slouch with computers.

The supposed hacks you all mention are more technical than the average kid could understand.

Of course, by kids, you probably mean 15 year olds, which is quite unfair to the developer of MM. No one can stop a determined 15yo. But a 15yo is hardly the kid that MacMinder is aimed at.

Give the developer a break. Unless you can demonstrate many *kids* cracking MM by working out these hacks by themselves, then you all really need to... well, shut-up or put-up, as the saying goes.
campbells replied on 04 Oct 2006
wats this about changing the name of MacMinderMonitor to something else? how do i do that?


Flash1296 reviewed on 11 Oct 2004
Works as advertised. It simply limits the kids time on their macs. better would be blocking their I.M.'ing etc. so that they could do their homework. It would seem to me that an appl' that alters the firewall settings on a set schedule could easily accomplish that.
[Version 2.5.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Jul 2003
This has worked out great for our family! No glitches so far.
[Version 1.2.1]


hced had trouble on 12 Jan 2008
Is the developer out of business? Their website seems to be gone.
[Version 2.5.7]

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BumbleB replied on 12 Jan 2008
Same here, can't access their site. Pretty bad if they just leave with no word at all. Maybe Leopard's Parental Controls made them quit business?

Leopard's Parental controls does not control individual apps as well as Mac Minder does (did?) though...

I have no kids, I just have ADD, which keeps me occupied with all kinds of obsessive / hyperfocus stuff with me being very frustrated getting into such timewasting loops, instead of working. Been trying Mac Minder before, but then my girlfriend forgot the password and I had to uninstall, and then the demo expired, and then I was not gonna buy before Leopard was released to see how well the new Parental Controls would work for me...

Now I'm considering having several user accounts, since Parental Controls is not cutting it for me, as I'm not a child. I just can't control myself;-/

This long comment is timewaste, I now realise...

Since the medical community thinks everyone is ADD these days, it would be a business opportunity if a developer would develop a cool ADD coaching app. Something like a mix of Mac Minder and MacBreakz and Life Balance / OmniFocus and Alarm Clock Pro / FlexTime. Often I've wished Mac Minder would sync with iCal and give me a calendar, that tells me which hours I can use which apps. That would help a lot, just as an example...

Developers, do something new!
glyph replied on 12 Feb 2008
Well Folks, it looks like they're out of business.

Would someone please share a registration code for the program? I'd like to use it.

Thanks, Tim

BumbleB replied on 12 Feb 2008
Yeah... It's sad the developer did not exit this project with decency.
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Version Downloads:4,866
Type:Utilities : Security
Date:27 Apr 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $29.95
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Mac Minder is a tool for parents, teachers, and sysadmins that helps track and regulate usage of programs on your Mac. Maybe you'd like to keep your kids from playing games for more than an hour after school, you want to know which programs they are using, or maybe you're just curious about which programs you use each day and how much.

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