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14 July 2008

REALbasic plug-in creates new time bases.


TimeBase ... Timing and scheduling tasks with Timebases and clocks. This REALbasic plugin provides a class that enables you to set and get the timebase of a movie. Access to the TimeBase also allows scheduling of tasks triggered from the TimeBase, and you can accomplish this with the TimeBaseCallBack class. TimeBase is a QuickTime concept that derives time from either a clock component or from another timebase. A timebase constitutes a set of attributes, a time value and a time scale, which are interdepedent. For example, if the scale is being changed, the time value changes accordingly. TimeBaseCallBack defines a callback event that is triggered by the TimeBase/clock component. Callback events are scheduled at specific times, at rate changes, time jumps, and also can be scheduled when this callback instance is being destroyed. When callback events do not involve memory movement, events can be triggered at interupt time. TImeBaseClock is a search engine to look for a clockComponent that can be used to drive a timebase. The search can be limited by flags defined as constants to this class, or by using a subType.

What's new in TimeBase

Version 3.0.1:
  • [fix]: Changed the way constructors are defined to make this plugin compatible with REALbasic 2008R3 or higher

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