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MP3 Control X

22 July 2002

Floating window to control iTunes.


P3 Control is a small utility that allows you to control iTunes 2.0.3 in Mac OS X.1.2 and above. Instead of minimizing and maximizing the app to control iTunes, you can use this small utility to control iTunes with the minimal screen space possible. This is just another reason to be lazier than you can possible be.

What's new in MP3 Control X

Version 1.1 adds vast improvements made. Removed the icon due to legal reasons, and fixed the About dialog box to display the correct information. I also made the controller much, much smaller, nearly 1/4th the size it was before. So it wont clutter your screen space with useless buttons, i set aside the special features button in another window that can be accessed through a click of the "More" button, to save screen space. Everything is still there, but better. 1.0 [01/29/02] : Final! Release version! This is the final build, included 3 more features including Random MP3 and Stream MP3. Fixed interface to be more compact and organized. Added an OS X optimized icon. Took no more than 2 hours to do the update. Tested 1.0b extensively, and 1.0 too, virtually no bugs. 1.0b [01/29/02] : The first initial release, still undergoing some testing necessary for full release. Not intended as a full release. Since this is a beta, im not expecting everything to work on it. Still a plain app, future versions will include a Mac OS X optimized icon, and about screen, including support for more features.

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