Myster X

PR8 • 18 Apr 2004

Access the Myster filesharing network.


Developer website: MysterNetworks

Myster is a file sharing utility. Similar projects include Napster, Hotline and Gnutella. Myster allows you to share your files with others and download files being shared by others on the Myster Network, over the internet. But Myster isn't just any file sharing utility.

The Myster protocol and application have been developed in response to a cry for a peer-to-peer file sharing system which efficiently operates without the need for a central logistics server. By answering that cry, Myster takes the best of features in other file sharing utilities, raising the bar to a new level in distributed file sharing over the Internet.

Some key features of Myster include:

  • A completely distributed framework of peers, eliminating any need for a central server
  • The ability to search the network without "flooding" it with requests for information.
  • Support for multiple types of data, not just MP3s
  • A realtime, self-organizing and self-optimizing network
  • A user friendly interface

What's New

Version PR8:
  • Reorganized and refined the Search window controls
  • 1 user can no longer hog all a server's download spots
  • A MultiColumn Liste has replaced the single file list in the Connection window (now sorts)
  • New tab graphics in the Server Stats window. They now actually look like tabs (hurray)
  • The search engine now uses 20 searcher threads instead of 15 - > 25% performance gain.
  • Switched the top ten connection section from 'TCP' to 'UDP / TCP'
  • Switched the get type list from 'TCP' to 'UDP / TCP'
  • File info retrieval no longer requires a separate thread
  • Tracker category pull down menu is now consistent with other pull down menus
  • " - Myster" now appears after every window name in Linux (Exception Progress windows)
  • Fixed a freeze that happened sometimes when starting a new download
  • Fixed a problem causing the disconnect button not to disconnect a downloading user
  • Fixed a bug where the PORN type would list no files
  • Corrected oddities found by FindBugs
  • New start up screen showing a progress window and splash graphic
  • Myster now takes up less processor time when running in the background


Mac OS X 10.1 or later


Current Version (PR8.x)


Version Downloads
Internet / FTP
18 Apr 2004
OS X / PPC 32