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Tattoo X

16 July 2002

QuickTime interactive movie editor.


Tattoo is a QuickTime movie editor. Features include:
  • Easy-to-use: Simply drag and drop your prepared movie and skin image files on to Tattoo, Tattoo will then create a movie that can be played by QuickTime Player on your skin image frame
  • Control Buttons: Add custom control buttons easily: Play, Stop, Go to Beginning, Go to End, Step Forward, Step Backward, Mute, Half Volume, Full Volume, Close Window, Go to URL
  • Universal Play-back: Movies exported from Tattoo can be played back on various platforms, including Mac OS X, Mac OS 8/9, and Windows (QuickTime 5 or later is needed)
  • Uniqueness: Check out these sample movies.

What's new in Tattoo X

Version 1.2 adds the following:
  • This version adds a new special button action -- Slider. There are 5 types of variable for you to choose from: Movie Volume, Movie Time, Pan Angle, Tilt Angle, and Zoom Power.
  • This version enables you to set the window mask and/or the drag mask to your own images. So that you can have total control on the window shape and the dragging area of the exported movie.
  • This version lets you to not create the media skin, in case you want to display the final movie in a ordinary rectangular window, or embed the movie in an HTML page.

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