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  • SpamCop has been discontinued
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The SpamCop bundle for Apple's Mac OS X Mail client makes it much easier to use the SpamCop reporting service when dealing with spam. To use it properly, you need to sign up for (at least) a free reporting account at
What's New
Version 1.3.2: Fixed problems caused by changes to
  • PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • Mail (included with Mac OS X)
  • SpamCop reporting account

*Previously available here

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SpamCop User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Oriolus commented on 10 May 2007
[quote] You people really should review the product that you're commenting on, instead of reviewing related services! Doh![/quote]

What do you mean by reviewing related services, and what should "Doh!" express?

I'm an elated user of the free reporting service.
I made mistakes, sometimes, but wasn't banishes, neither admonished ever!
[Version 1.3.2]


kaarlows reviewed on 18 Mar 2007
It used to be a good bundle with Panther's Mail, but now it's incompatible with Tiger's version.
So, if you are a Panther user and want to report your e-mails to SpamCop, I surelly recommend this software, otherwise, search elsewere.
[Version 1.3.2]



TheMadCow reviewed on 17 Mar 2007
Simply put. This product is dead. Kaput. Pushed up daisies. Developer, in a fit of petulance, after the release of Tiger and the fact that SpamCop pulled their reporting privs - killed the product because people stopped paying for it. *Gasp*

I'm guessing too many newbs fumbled their reporting via Spamcop and they just didn't want to deal with the constant headache (and the associated bitching). Too bad, I'm sure there will be other products that do this.
[Version 1.3.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Jul 2004
I have to get a p'eed off because:
1. The download of 1.3.2 is ONLY for 10.3 I think - it does not work on 10.2.8. To use with 10.2.8, you have to download 1.2.2. - this should have been mentioned.

2. It still reports ONE mail at a time!! So if you highlight 5 mails, your webbrowser windows POP one after another like the 4th of july!! I thought allowed attaching multiple e-mail text in one submission? Anyway, poping so many browser windows without a warning is disconcerting!!

3. When using with FireFox, I have cookie problems - when the reporting page is called from this Bundle, FireFox keeps asking for username and password (I have a paid e-mail/reporting account at SC). Directly going to the reporting page in SC does not create this cookie problem! This happens only with - but my own reporting link at works fine.

Too many problems as I see it..
[Version 1.3.2]

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Anonymous commented on 01 Jul 2004
I figured out the FireFox problem - I had to select the Mail account to make the reporting address as


MacUpdate-Lon replied on 01 Jul 2004
The developer neglected to inform us in the submission of this latest version SpamCop that this latest version is for Panther only. This oversight has been rectified.

Anonymous reviewed on 14 Mar 2004
Great product. Works seamlessly with and really makes reporting spam via MUCH easier and streamlined.

[Version 1.3.1]


JimW commented on 29 Nov 2003
First of all, I have not actually used this software - Spamcop 1.3.1. I also use MS Entourage instead of Mail. With that said, I have had some experience using as well as the fact that I still believe that any product not worth $10 is not worth charging for.

Please note that we are talking about two products here with very similar names - Spamcop 1.3.1 the shareware Mac product, and, a spam reporting site that can process the output of Spamcop 1.3.1.

There is also a site that is a software product for Windows users and has nothing to do with the products discussed here but only serves to confuse the issue by its name.

Regarding SpamCop 1.3.1 ,in my opinion anything under $10 becomes more of a nuisance fee for the user that a real income stream for the developer. If customers won't spend $10 for the product, then it should be either improved so they will, or given away at least as donationware. (fee optional).

With regards to on the surface it seems like a great idea - report the abusers back to the hosting site so that they can be shut down. However experience and further inspection of this idea reveled a number of flaws in this philosophy.

- First is the fact that some abusers are the sites themselves. Spamming is how some of them make their income. So reporting them accomplishes nothing, other than to supply the developer of the site data for higher priced services.

- Next is the fact of the way the "free" reporting of works. On the free service, and perhaps with the paid service, each message analysis must be manually acknowledged, and analyzed to be sent. I found myself spending more time analyzing spam to report it, then just getting rid of it and reading my "real" mail. It turned out to be a real time-waster. Additionally you constantly get bombarded by the service to convert to a paid account (subscription) whenever you use the service or process a message. While annoying, it was not insurmountable.

The final clincher to cause me to abandon the service was the fact that free users are not allowed to make a single reporting mistake while using the product. If they do, their free access is shut down, supposedly forever. However the site is perfectly willing to allow you to continue using the site, providing you pay for it. The mistake I made for banishment was to accidently report as a spam site, due to some garbled forged or bounced header that I clicked to quickly through in the reporting sequence. Trust me on this. Sooner or later you are almost certain to make such a mistake. I should also say that after several rounds of email with the support person I finally managed to get myself reinstated as an exception. However in order to have this happen, I had to demonstrate that I had created rules in my mail program that would make it all but impossible to flag any messages that contained in the header as junk and endure generally arrogant and unprofessional support messages to accomplish this. I wouldn't be surprised that if the support person at reads this I will be banished again and I might receive some uncomplimentary feedback about these comments. We certainly did not agree about what constitutes quality and professional support. However I would much rather give others the information so that they can make an informed decision on how they want to spend their time and money than worry about being banished from a product I no longer use.

For now, the most professionals recommend the way to deal with spam, is to filter it or toss it without reporting or responding to it. Given the time, money, and aggravation involved in reporting it, I tend to agree with them
[Version 1.3.1]

3 Replies

Anonymous commented on 29 Nov 2003
To JimW:

On average, I have saved my clientele and their customers hundreds of thousands of junk e-mails because of, though free, is now a product owned by a company and not a single individual, which will allow it to grow and mature even further. Considering the lack of a really powerful spam tool out there, SpamCop is an awesome starting point, and to make it a little easier for users to submit to it makes it just that much better. You may be looking at this from the eye that it might not do much for you, but maybe that is because your service provider does not take advantage of its block list. With both of those key elements in place, it is a rather powerful tool in fighting spam.

To the author:

Please continue to develop this add-on to the mail client and consider bringing more tools like this to other mail clients. As an ISP/ASP, I would really like to have an option for the majority of the mail clients on my CDs that I give out to our clientele and their customers.

Anonymous commented on 30 Jun 2004
I am commenting on the Comment on - not the software. Firstly, I have been using as a paid service $30/year for over 3 years - I am extremely satisfied.
In addition to the spam that gets caught, the china/korea/russia block lists and many other spam prevention tools, the POPing of Free Yahoo and Hotmail could be the only reason I keep
In the rest of the comment, the reviewer is blaming after using it as a free service. Why do people who use a free service turn out to be the loudest complainers?
Spam Reporting is simple- do it if you want to - or else dont - dont report and then complain about how you get busted for a small mistake.
Some of the other accusations on are also unfounded - I would ask users to go try the service before taking the above review too seriously. Obviously written by someone who got a licking from Spamcop for incorrect reporting.
Let me finish by saying - in three years I have reported thousands of e-mails - never have I incorrectly reported anyone.
Anonymous commented on 05 Feb 2005
You people really should review the product that you're commenting on, instead of reviewing related services! Doh!
Adrian Chen commented on 18 Nov 2003
I asked the developers about the problem and they answered me with this:

It's already "uninstalled", having been moved out of "Bundles" into "Bundles (Disabled)". To get it to work, assuming you did actually get the 1.3.0 version, try installing all over again. We've had a few reports of Mail getting confused for some reason the first time the bundle is installed, but the second time they tried it it went off without a hitch.

I did it, and at least it's installed, I don't get any type of error. Now I just need a spam to test it ;-)
[Version 1.3]

Adrian Chen commented on 18 Nov 2003
If they say that this version runs with 10.3, why am I getting this error? -.-

Mail has disabled the following installed bundles:


Please contact the makers of these bundles for a version compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 Mail before reinstalling them.
[Version 1.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Nov 2003
I don't have many problems with Spam (yet!), but what a great, way to deal with them. Now I've set up a SpamCop account, and I expect that this Mail bundle will encourage me to pony up for a paid account (and pay for the SpamCop, the bundle as well!)

I also quite like the developer's approach to development, and licensing; it seems pretty fair to all concerned.
[Version 1.3]


Apexio reviewed on 24 Oct 2003
I've used it for at least a year, works great.
[Version 1.3]

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The SpamCop bundle for Apple's Mac OS X Mail client makes it much easier to use the SpamCop reporting service when dealing with spam. To use it properly, you need to sign up for (at least) a free reporting account at

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