Mariner Calc

5.6 22 Jan 2008

Powerful, streamlined spreadsheet.


Developer website: Mariner Software, Inc.

Mariner Calc is the ultimate number cruncher. Mariner Calc is a powerful, yet streamlined spreadsheet for the Mac OS X designed for the analysis, simulation and forecasting of numerical data.

What's New

Version 5.6:
  • Added Leopard compatibility
  • Added COUNTIF function & optional parameters
  • Added SUMIF function & optional parameters
  • Added support for lots of file types like .csv, .tab, etc..
  • Added Horizontal Scrolling support
  • Added Support for 2 Finger Scrolling on trackpads
  • Added info on Named ranges to the User guide
  • Added more cowbell - while editing a cell, save now produces cowbell
  • Added window position and scroll state is saved when a window is closed
  • Updated the Function Guide
  • Updated the User Guide
  • Updated the 'missing volume' dialog
  • Updated a Calc "expired" nag dialog to version 5.6
  • Fixed several issues where sort wouldn't work properly
  • Fixed an extended floating point issue
  • Fixed a crash when opening unicode files
  • Fixed a crash when editing a header/footer
  • Fixed an issue where the X Axis erroneously opened the dialog for the Y axis
  • Fixed the reversed options in the Delete "Entire Row/Column" dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the CHAR function performed inconsistently
  • Fixed an issue where Calc could crash on sort
  • Fixed an issue where SQRT() function produced Trunc() instead
  • Fixed an issue where =NA and #NUM caused floating point errors
  • Fixed an issue where Calc could hangs and crash under Leopard
  • Fixed an issue where pasted date data overtakes formatting
  • Fixed an issue where Opening attached file crashes Calc on Intel Macs
  • Fixed several string table errors on excel file conversion
  • Fixed an issue that led to poor conversion of text data from Excel 2004
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on drag fill left using dates
  • Fixed an issue where Excel files could translate incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where Untitled Documents didn't get marked dirty
  • Fixed the Move Dialog so text isn't cutoff


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

No longer available


Current Version (5.x)


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22 Jan 2008
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