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Quickmail Pro Server

05 December 2005

Email server.


QuickMail is an all-in-one-box POP3 email solution for companies that need easy, reliable and affordable email. In today's competitive market, a reliable email program is a must for communicating with clients and co-workers, and staying on top of business. QuickMail provides the essentials for a complete email system, plus extra features you won't find in any other email package. QuickMail setup is easy; you won't need an expert to administer your email system. QuickMail also includes a Setup wizard for creating client accounts. 30-day demo available.

What's new in Quickmail Pro Server

Version 3.5.3:
  • Spamcaster(TM) 1.0.4, an updated version of our powerful, external message filter.
  • Fixed the main issue that was causing the database to become corrupted (101 errors)
  • Fixed problems caused by mailboxes with more than 32,000 messages
  • Fixed an issue where QuickMail Server failed to rebuild the indexes of a large message store ( > 2GB)
  • Fixed an issue where QuickMail Server failed to contact a secondary MX after the primary MX returns a fatal error
  • Fixed a crash when expiring mail on server startup
  • Fixed a crash when viewing a corrupted message
  • Improved IMAP support for UTF-8 messages
  • Improved IMAP handling of messages with embedded multi-parts
  • Improved IMAP handling of message with malformatted content type
  • Improved performance when purging expired mail
  • Fixed a UI problem with the \"SMTP Relaying\" dialog
  • Fixed an issue where old messages were filling up the message store queue folder
  • Added server side rules to the status report
  • Moved the DNSBL information to the bottom of the status report
  • And many more improvements and optimizations...

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App requirements: 
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later
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