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Network coordination of calendars and address books.   Shareware ($99.99)
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Group Organizer and Personal Organizer have been replaced by SOHO Organizer.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later

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ver. 4.x:
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Tuxford commented on 16 May 2007
Don't bother. They won't license this thing anymore. I used V3 for a decade, and these guys don't care about helping you. I have tried getting help and giving suggestions and reported bugs for years. Now they leave me out to lunch. I tried to upgrade. Can't even call them.

And the new SOHO product doesn't have the Recurring Events functionality I need. So I am stuck with the Classic version.

Won't buy from them again. Chronos will stay small.
[Version 4.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Nov 2005
I can't report on the interface of the actually product, as I couldn't get it to run. That aside, the experience was difficult over all. Tech support charged me to receive assistance that resolved nothing. During the instillation process, the program stalled my laptop repeatedly. After uninstalling the program, my computer functioned as usual. I attempted to receive a refund and was rudely refused. My company will NOT be purchasing from Chronos again.
[Version 4.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 May 2005
I understand the frustration with Group Organizer. I've been trying to use it for a while now and I've had nothing but irritation. Not because it's a bad program, it's not, it's just old and doesn't meet modern expectations for a PIM.

The sad fact is that there are NO Mac PIMs which are up to the task. I could go down the list and find a major fault with each major Mac PIM which would make you go running.

At the end of the day, Group Organizer, through all its MANY faults is the best designed and most productive organizer on the Mac.

For me, the biggest fault is the lack of scrollwheel support. That's a real biggie for me. Otherwise it falls to things such as funky interface for customizing fonts, lack of integration with iApps, funky spell checker, and really, really dated skins.

On the plus side, there is absolutely no PIM on Mac with the features this has. Daylite is strong in some areas but is extremely poor in task and time management (an area where Organizer excels). Organizer also has a very well designed day view, allowing a user to keep daily notes on calls, activiities and meetings in an informal window... that's a wonderful feature no other PIM has.

I also love the journal feature and other niceties such as plain language entering of dates and tasks.

No, it's not perfect but I understand it's to be updated very soon and if they do a good job it has a chance to be the best PIM on the Mac once again.
[Version 4.5]

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Version Downloads:1,566
Type:Business : Personal Info Managers
Date:09 Jul 2002
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Price: $99.99
Overall (Version 4.x):
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Group Organizer and Personal Organizer have been replaced by SOHO Organizer.

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