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10 July 2003

REALbasic plug-in for creating custom palettes.


easyPalette is a set of REALbasic classes that make it fast and easy to add cross platform tearoff floating palettes to your REALbasic project. The palette windows can contain grid style selection palettes of the type commonly used to select colors, patterns, line widths, arrow styles, "tools" and objects. In fact almost any kind of data that needs to be displayed and selected in a grid can be used with easyPalette. The easyPalette API is very simple, involving in many cases only a few calls to create the palette, handle the mouseDown, mouseDrag and mouseUp events, and then get the results. easyPalette seamlessly handles everything from the moment your user clicks on a palette popup button ( or other control ) until they release - including the tearoff action if required. The example projects show various ways to draw the palette and handle the palette selection feedback and you can modify these or design your own. easypalette is USD25 and comes with source code.

What's new in easyPalette

Version 1.5 of easyPalette has been completely updated for REALbasic 5. As part of the update, the customisation interface has been greatly simplified, involving in many cases just three methods - Constructor, Draw and Hilite. Other methods can be overridden to get specific behaviors such as always showing the original selection while tracking the new selection. easyPalette 1.5 comes with six example palettes that show various hiliting and customisation techniques. The minimum version of REALbasic required for easyPalette is 4.5 (RB5 if you want to compile for win32).

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