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Maildrop is a customized mass emailer that offers substantial ease of use, no feature bloat, Cocoa goodness, HTML email, an integrated SMTP mailer, and more. Unlike MailDrop's competitors, our product is developed in a world-class environment and focuses tightly on the task at hand.
What's New
Version 2.6:
  • Requires OSX 10.5 or later
  • Allow you to select the Who, What or new Activity as the target record for new attachments.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

  • MaxBulk Mailer

  • Direct Mail

  • SerialMailer

  • Serial Mail

  • Mailings

  • Whoosh
MailDrop User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Christian-Mais tipped on 05 May 2010
this software is now open source under BSD license:


[Version 2.2]

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Timmerk replied on 20 Nov 2010
People and MacUpdate are confused. There are two programs with the same name. One is for importing email into salesforce, is open source, and is now at version 2.4. The other one, made by Freshly Squeezed Software was sold many years ago to another company, and never updated, and can't be downloaded. The MacUpdate description has details from both apps in the same listing, probably because they had the same names.
hadrian commented on 31 Jan 2007
It's too bad that this originally nice concept and software (at least version 1) has ended up this way.
I had a quick look at the 'new' owner's site, and find it ironic that he owns MailDrop and has taken the Boulder Pledge. It is evident from Mr. Yacktman's site that he has no interest in developing this further.

As I already said, "too bad".
[Version 2.0b12]

publisher commented on 15 Nov 2006
Barzeski being abusive: I've been there as well. This guy is just a frustrated monkey. And Maildrop not being further developed: I second the comment that if I were living in the States I sould have sued the developer, both Barzeski and the new one.

It's an outrage --no less.
[Version 2.0b12]


//idn commented on 15 Oct 2006
Here's Don Yacktman's personal site btw:
[Version 2.0b12]



//idn reviewed on 15 Oct 2006
Like I wrote earlier, this is unbeliebeable. I paid A LOT of money for this and the developer doesn't even reply to inqueries. If I was living in the US, I'd be talking to my lawyer right now to demand a full refund.

I also managed to speak to the original developer, Erik Barzeski. He sold the company to a guy named Don Yacktman - he obviously hasn't been heard of in over 18 months. When I asked Erik to please take care of this he got quote abusive, telling me he wouldn't be responsible any more. True, but being abusive is not way to treat a (former) customer. Plus, if I had written software and people complained about not reaching the actual developer, I'd at the very least try to reach him. I mean, he sold him his company, he should at least have a phone number or something. But no, he was just abusive, like the following: »It's a f***ing beta, dude, there are no "promises" or "advertisements"
about how well it will work. It's a beta.«

I think no more needs to be said here.

If you want to step a little on his toes or want to know what Erik is up to now, here's his personal weblog:
[Version 2.0b12]

chughes commented on 01 Sep 2006
So after a few months of using Mail Drop 2.0 I have had it. I first emailed the company regarding a few questions I had about the software ie; compatibility... after no response I figured it was not important enough to be responded too.

After using the software I became iritated as the mass email would stop at 80% or 95% and would not continue. I emailed the support address given on their website and after about 10 trys nobody responded and the crappy software continues to stall.

NOT HAPPY MAILDROP, I dont advise anybody to purchase their software. the support is non-existent and as I paid good money for this, I expect it to work.

You might as well give this out as freeware, thats all its worth.
[Version 2.0b12]



~hell reviewed on 05 Mar 2006
These guys are basically ripoffs. I paid for the software and never got any updates. Okay, it's beta software but you would expect a final version sometime, wouldn't you?

Also, the developer does not reply to e-mail. Ever.

Stay clear, I warn ya!
[Version 2.0b12]



//idn reviewed on 06 Feb 2006
I forgot my ratings to this mess of a program. Since I paid for it I regret it, seriously.
[Version 2.0b12]


//idn commented on 03 Feb 2006
Unbelievably enough, this app has been in beta WITHOUT any updates since March 2005. This was almost one year ago. The developers are also very slow to respond and tell you to wait for the next version which is scheduled to appear soon. At least this is what they told me 4 months ago. Soon is not 4 months later and still no sign, guys.

I'd stay clear of this since it has some nasty bugs when importing email addresses from Address Book. I reported the bug several times but still no fix.

There are cheaper and more flexible solutions available - search MacUpdate.
[Version 2.0b12]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Mar 2005
Does what it is intended to do. Works seamlessly with DayLite.

Only problem I've encountered is that I have to manually enter my smtp server each time I want to send something, even though there is a default smtp-server checkbox.

Otherwise, a very good, stable program...
[Version 2.0b10]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Michael_Sebrecht rated on 02 Feb 2011

[Version 2.6]

Version Downloads:2,489
Type:Internet : Email
Date:02 Feb 2011
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $59.00
Overall (Version 2.x):
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Maildrop is a customized mass emailer that offers substantial ease of use, no feature bloat, Cocoa goodness, HTML email, an integrated SMTP mailer, and more. Unlike MailDrop's competitors, our product is developed in a world-class environment and focuses tightly on the task at hand.

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