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Chatline Server1.1b2

29 October 2002

Run your own chat server.


Chatline Server lets you run your own virtual community, where users can exchange ideas, thoughts, and files. With a wealth of multimedia features to enhance users experence, such as soundset support, custom icons, picture/movie preview, along with the standards such as upload/downloads, Instant Messages, private chat rooms, bookmarks, trackers, and more, Chatline is the best choice for allowing other people to connect to you.

Chatline is not compatible with Hotline, Carracho, or any other similar program. It uses it's own protocol to communicate.

What's new in Chatline Server

Version 1.1b2 adds the following:
  • Entire downloads system rewritten. It's better, it's more stable, it doesn't crash or die! But it's still a very early beta.
  • Some things below might not be working. Please report to me what is not working.
  • Uploads are probably not working correctly at this time.
  • Added key commands for Ban Manager and Preferences.
  • Chatline Client v1.1fc7 required to transfer files.

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