VirtualDesktop Pro

4.0b1 09 Jun 2008

Increase monitor space with many virtual desktops.


Developer website: CodeTek Studios, Inc.

VirtualDesktop Pro... Imagine if instead of having one monitor attached to your computer, you had 100 monitors attached to your computer. Then imagine that each of those monitors could display different windows and applications that you were running so that you could dedicate a monitor to different parts of how you will use your computer to accomplish your work. Then imagine that any time you want you could bring one of those monitors right in front of you so that you could easily access the different windows and applications on each monitor.

CodeTek VirtualDesktop provides you with the capability to switch between desktops on your monitor as though you had separate monitors. CodeTek Virtual Desktop provides a GUI interface that contains your desktops arranged in a grid. Each desktop on the pager is a unique environment where you can accomplish your work. Windows can be moved between desktops simply by dragging them between desktops on the pager.

The unregistered version of CodeTek VirtualDesktop limits you to only 2 fully functional desktops.

What's New

  • Full support for X11
  • Full support for Expose
  • Focus Follows Mouse can focus a window without raising the window
  • Automatic locking of pager to edge of screen
  • Autohide feature for pager
  • Remote control of VirtualDesktop through AppleScript and Cocoa
  • Contextual menus in pager to control windows
  • Feature to have VirtualDesktop only use the main monitor. All windows on other monitors are "sticky"
  • New HotKey that displays window list at mouse pointer location
  • The ability to turn off individual HotKeys
  • Tooltips display information in pager
  • Configure type of tooltip information displayed
  • Configure font of tooltips
  • Feature to automatically launch VirtualDesktop at login


Mac OS X 10.2 or later


Current Version (4.x)


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Utilities / Desktop
09 Jun 2008
OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32