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24 March 2003

REALbasic classes to add rulers to development apps.


ZegsRuler is a set of classes that enable you to easily add all sorts of rulers and scales to your REALBasic project. ZegsRuler supports the common requirements of scaling (zooming), scrolling and changing of the origin as well as lots of control over line length, width and color, background color, text etc. It comes with 5 easily modified built in styles to get you started as well as extensive documentation and example projects.

What's new in ZegsRuler

Version 2.0 makes it so rulers are now classes that can be easily drawn into any graphics port. zegsRuler 2.0 also now includes a set of rulerStyle classes that encapsulate various ruler types. The provided rulerStyles include inch (10,12,16 divisions) and cm (10) that scale from 3% to 3200% and can be easily extended or modified if required. Other rulerStyle subclasses show how zegsRuler can be easily set up to create several different types of scales, slider control markers, map grids etc.

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