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HP Photosmart includes the HP Photosmart driver, HP Printer Utility, and HP Photosmart Studio imaging software for Mac OS X v10.3.9, v10.4 and v10.5.
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Version 10.3: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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Bdfu commented on 22 Jan 2010
Does it come in English?

The link seems to go to the Netherlands version.
[Version 10.3]

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Tankknight replied on 23 Jan 2010
This is for the Netherlands HP Photosmart C6280 All-in-One printer.
Go to http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/support.html. Select the radio button for drivers and type in your printer name.
I have an old Photosmart 8750 that I use with my G5 so the drivers that Apple supply in Leopard are newer/work best.
However, an HP download is showing if you are using Snow Leopard.

Pepper131 commented on 22 Jan 2010
I have had Epson printers for years and finally bought an HP and it works better then any of my Epsons ever did.
[Version 10.3]

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Pixieminx replied on 23 Jan 2010
Ditto :-)

F451 replied on 25 Jan 2010
Interesting after decades of using HP printers I recently switched to Epson and love Epson much better all the way around. Go figure. I guess change is goodÑno matter which side you're on.

writestuff commented on 24 Jun 2008
My HP all-in-one 1610 worked fine with Tiger and even the included writing recognition worked OK too. But nothing would work with Leopard. I downloaded version 9.7, which worked but was much slower and the writing recognition did not work at all. I then downloaded version 9.7.1 which did nothing but crash or freeze.

It is sad that a big company that produces good hardware can't be bothered to keep its software up to date. Now I shall have to buy another printer; a Cannon this time.
[Version 9.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 Feb 2005
my hp1210 worked great after i downloaded & installed the update... until it crashed & the only way to get it going again was to re-install the original drivers that came on the cd... but somehow the scanning function was lost forever... tried the update again... worked briefly & again crashed... like some of the other users, i won't be buying hp again... i wish i'd never downloaded & installed the update as i hadn't had any problems before.
[Version 2.5.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 24 Jan 2005
My HP printer works perfectly with the drivers and programs suite found in the cd shipped with. And never had problems with my Titanium@1Ghz, even with 10.3.7. I think I'll not upgrade (I want to live in peace).
[Version 2.5.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Jan 2005
I am sure that HP does not like the Mac world as even trying to download the update is impossible. As much as I like HP, I'll never buy another products of theirs...bye Carly.
[Version 2.5.6]

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MacUpdate-Lon commented on 23 Jan 2005
The download link works beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Likely you do not have passive FTP selected in your Network preferences, under the 'Proxies' tab.
Anonymous commented on 23 Jan 2005
Nope, everything is clear for transfer and yet HP's pick-up-sticks ftp is a bust. Man, I bought an HP iPod and it was hassle to even register. HP is simply loosing its touch and needs to dump its severely overpaid Exec's (namely a certain female and her three new private jets) and get back to business, before they keep losing more business.

Anonymous reviewed on 23 Jan 2005
I gave up using HP printers last year. HP Web site is too, too, too complicated and frustrating to use (their web site developer needs more training) and secondly, the printers are just plain unpredictable.
[Version 2.5.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Jan 2005
Finally after 3 years i can get my 7550 printer work like it should work. And will work only if u use 10.3.7
I recomend it.
[Version 2.5.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Sep 2004
Okay, I had no issues with this update--that's a first! I wish HP would provide better descriptions for their updates; make a better web site as navigating the HP site is terrible; pay more attention to the very special Mac market; and raise the price of their stock higher than the price of one of their ink cartridge refills.

Other than that I always look to HP for quality products that last longer than most Presidency terms; even if they are in office for two-terms.
[Version 2.5.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Sep 2003
I can't get this to even download from here or from the HP site. Does anyone have the OLD Photosmart p1100 driver or know where I can get it?
[Version 5.5]

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Cschroeder commented on 10 Sep 2004
Use FTP software to get there. That's what I did when the HTTP link did not work. Just follow the path of the HTTP link.
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HP Photosmart includes the HP Photosmart driver, HP Printer Utility, and HP Photosmart Studio imaging software for Mac OS X v10.3.9, v10.4 and v10.5.

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