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Text editor for TeX.   Free
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iTexMac is a teTeX front end, text editor dedicated to TeX, and a PDF viewer.
What's New
Version 2.0.763: Bug fixed: PDF options panel now works properly (especially in the english localization), the macro preference pane works as expected.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, TeX. If you do not have TeX installed, you can dowload a package from G. Wierda's site. If you are a fink addict, you may prefer the teTeX package at fink.

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ver. 2.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 15 Jun 2005
No problems here under MacOS X Tiger 10.4.1, running iTeXMac in connection with tetex from the darwinports project.
[Version 2.0pre2]


Anonymous reviewed on 12 Feb 2004
I tried this out expecting it to be as good as TeXShop, but I was highly disappointed. The GUI is sloppy, especially in the preferences window. It puts support files in several places on your system. It doesn't work nearly as well as TeXShop does with the Japanese ptex packages. I hope it gets better from here on out, but I will be sticking with TeXShop for now.
[Version 1.3.15]

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Anonymous commented on 03 Jun 2004
- It is common practice to put support files in definite locations on the system.
- the "GUI is sloppy" is a gratuitous criticism.

The only good point of this review is that iTeXMac is not yet designed for pTeX.

If you are satisfied with TeXShop, don't change. But please don't expect iTeXMac to be a TeXShop clone, just like you don't expect LyX to be a TeXShop clone for example.
Anonymous commented on 06 Jun 2005
- That doesn't mean we have to put up with it.
- The hell it is. Good GUI design is part of what makes the Mac appeal to people. And just because it's subjective doesn't mean that it's an illegitimate target for complaints.
Anonymous commented on 18 Nov 2005
Jeez valrus, chill out! The guy has created a free piece of software. Don't like it, don't use it. You can even be critical of it to let other people know what you think but you don't need to be a jerk about it.

Anvil commented on 23 Nov 2003
I've used iTeX with god results, but if you want to introduce non-programming friends to LaTeX/TeTeX, you need to look at LyX, reviewed here on 23 November. It runs on the same TeTeX base as does iTeX (G.Wierda's site there noted), but is basically a WYSIWYM (What You Mean) front for TeTEX. Very easy to use. Very configurable. Writing letter is even easier than with MS Word and they look a hell of a lot better as well. Just use 'Times' instead of the bitmapped Computer Modern and things look pretty smooth. Peter 232


Anonymous reviewed on 31 Jul 2003
I am using TeXShop and I am using iTeXMac. Sometimes I prefer the first one, sometimes the other one... I give iTeXMac the same ratings as TeXShop. 5 stars in every category for an excellent program that is free!
[Version 1.3rc2]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Dec 2002
The most advanced and powerful TeX frontend available for OS X, and one of the most ambitious OS X opensource projects. The author, formerly involved in the development of TeXShop, created a program that outshines TS in almost every aspect. iTeXMac's depth and sophistication will please old TeX wizards, and it's auto-complete features and command menus will help newbies to get started with their first TeX project. If you want to travel the beautiful and elitist world of TeX typesetting, iTeXMac is your vehicle.

Of course, there is still some work to do. There are some interface bugs, and the editor feels slow and clunky at times, but iTM is improving with every release. Check the Author's site and dl the latest beta at . The betas are all very reliable (even if they are marked as "unstable") and far superior to the version you get from this dl link.
[Version 1.2b4]

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Version Downloads:3,789
Type:Business : Word Processing
Date:29 Sep 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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iTexMac is a teTeX front end, text editor dedicated to TeX, and a PDF viewer.

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