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Popup window, banner, host blocking tool.   Shareware ($15.00)
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ADGate is an Internet/Web utility for MacOSX for removing unwanted popup window, images, Flash and text in HTML by URLs and blocking unwanted hosts, all with easy to use pattern matches.
What's New
Version 3.5.1: New feature - URL matching of AREA in HTML
PPC, Mac OS X 10.1.3 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 06 Jan 2005
... and here I am again, after some extensive trouble-shooting. AdGate 3.5.1 no longer causes the kernel panics the way that 3.5.0 did. Thus, I would urge everyone with the same sort of trouble to upgrade to Adgate 3.5.1 if your primary browser is Safari.

Also, the web address for Hao Li's website should be changed to

The present address listed above is 404.
[Version 3.5.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Feb 2004
AdGate can take a little time to get "trained" but then it is wonderful. After a day or two, just look at its "preferences" window to see how many nasty ads it has blocked.
[Version 3.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Nov 2003
Why...why..Use Privoxy for free!!
Privoxy is amazingly clear and accurate - open source wins again..
[Version 3.5]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 11 Nov 2003
...cause it's slow.
Anonymous commented on 11 Nov 2003
READ about Privoxy's five star comment:

Absolutely the best proxy server, pop-up, ad blocker!!
A must have!
I have a few questions:
1. There is a slight 1-2 second delay after connecting to a site and displaying the content. Anyone else notice this?
2. Will placing the proxy information in the Network Preference apply to all the programs - including Mail etc..?

Anonymous reviewed on 30 Jul 2003
Well, I think I might have solved some of the system crash issues. It is a very good possibility that I ended up with some bad cookies while looking up items in EBay and other sites. So, I deleted all of the ad cookies I could find in Internet Explorer's cookie list. Then, I clicked on "Explorer/Preferences/Recieving Files/Cookies" and clicked on "ask for each site" under "When recieving cookies". I am going to use this to determine which cookies I accept, and which ones I decline while surfing.

If all of the above works, then I would recommend that the information be included in AdGate's help file. This would be very encouraging if it solves my computer's mail problems as well!

I want to emphasize that Hao Li has the best application written for the Mac for blocking unwanted advertisements. I will not give up on this application. If the stability issues can be solved for my system, then this program is a tops in ALL categories, with no regrets.

[Version 3.2.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Jul 2003
Check README and ADGate Help about how to use and uninstall it - save you much time than asking around here.

And you do not block for each URL - too much job and too stupid. Just find patterns for URLs, say every URLs with /click in them, then add an URL pattern: */click*.
[Version 3.2.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Jul 2003
Does anyone know how to undo this blocking? Many websites are now missing crucial graphics. AFAIK all I did was run the program, look around the interface and quit. I threw the program out.
[Version 3.2.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Jul 2003
More than that- it has 'blocked' graphics I didn't in any way intend to block, even though I've dragged the app to the trash and only used it for a minute or two.
[Version 3.2.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Jul 2003
If it really freezes and crashes on Mail or eBay pages, I'm not interested.

From reading the translated documentation it appears this program requires a lot of work: copying and pasting image URL's to AdGate? (I'm not even sure if that's how it would work. Since English isn't the developer's language it's hard to tell.)

Would be great if a CM item appeared that said "Block This Image". WebFree used to work that way...
[Version 3.2.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Jun 2003
It does an excellent job. However, some system crashes are likely to occur if using Mail and AdGate at the same time. AdGate has caused the system to freeze while accessing EBay.

It is the best thing going for the Mac, however. Still, it would be good to see more stability.
[Version 3.2.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Nov 2002
very powerful stuff! it do help me to clean my eyes from those irritating flashing banners.
[Version 2.9]

Constantin had trouble on 06 Jan 2005
I have used AdGate for ages, and love the efficiency with which it removes ads. However, I recently started running into trouble with it, specifically while using OS X 10.3.7

Under OSX 10.3.7 and the version of Safari that ships with it, I could cause a kernel panic (!!!) whenever I browsed to with Safari (all other browsers were OK). Once I turned off AdGate, the issues disappeared.

I will try the clean-up suggestions next, as I suspect that cookies and their ilk may be involved. However, I have yet to understand how an application like AdGate could help to cause a kernel panic.
[Version 3.5.1]

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Version Downloads:3,070
Type:Internet : Internet Utilities
Date:31 Oct 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Price: $15.00
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ADGate is an Internet/Web utility for MacOSX for removing unwanted popup window, images, Flash and text in HTML by URLs and blocking unwanted hosts, all with easy to use pattern matches.

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