Mobile High Speed 2G
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Achieve higher speeds on mobile GSM networks.   Demo ($48.74)
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This software is not available any more and now succeded by launch2net. Please find all information about launch2net here:
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This software is not available any more and now succeded by launch2net. Please find all information about launch2net here:
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

MacUpdate - Mobile High Speed 2G

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Mobile High Speed... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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Fuellemann (developer) commented on 25 Oct 2006

sorry for the misunderstanding:

a) Of course you get a free replacement code if your mainboard has been changed due to a repair or other reasons.

b) Mobile High Speed is already succeeded by launch2net, which supports most new phones, new network settings and ExpressCards for MacBook Pro.


Jan Fuellemann | nova media
[Version 4.24]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Oct 2005
This SW is complete bull.

First of all it dose not work in various countries on a T630 which is extremely odd, secondly the manufacture only “license” you the SW for two installations. After a HD crash, a motherboard crash and after that my PowerBook was strike by lightning the manufacturer decline / refuse to allow me to use my “license”. They request I purchase this garbage once again.

This is nothing but THE complete rip-off so beware and spend your money elsewhere !
[Version 4.22]


M2 commented on 07 Apr 2005
Well... this is a great idea for an application. So good, I opted to try it out last night, and today. It seemed easy enough, the support and FAQ were fairly clear. But, for me, it failed to work at all. It would make the connection, and then fail at the user authentication level. I tried again today, same problem. Emailed support, no reply. Called my mobile provider. They explained that with the SE 900 series, even the 800, you don't want to call in, you want to send the CID. Which, doesn't need any user/password information. It also doesn't dial a standard number. It will also work globally. So, now after speaking with them (T-Mobile US), I'm wondering what purpose this application serves me whatsoever? Everything I need to do this was here... and I don't need the application. Odd.
[Version 4.11]


Mezzomix reviewed on 03 Oct 2004
Works precisely as advertised. No-brainer setup, and it auto-configures settings perfectly. I can easily connect to the web (via my G4/867 PowerBook) using GPRS on my Sony-Ericsson P900 phone. The speed isn't mind-blowing, but it's ok for me. Feels like a 28.8 to 56k modem.
[Version 4.07a]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Apr 2004
GOOD GOOD , but to much money......
[Version 4.01a]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Apr 2004
Ok, so your mobile network support representative seems like a nice guy, so do you really want to spend Euro 75,- plus VAT for this simple program instead of spending 15 minutes to get your mobile phone to work perfectly with your Mac OS? Or maybe another 5 minutes on the Internet to find any working modemscript with configuration files?

We think not.

Not worth it.

Who developed Mobile High Speed had a good idea but is asking for TOO MUCH MONEY.

[Version 4.01a]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Apr 2004
Why is it so incredibly expensive?
[Version 4.01a]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Oct 2003

of course the update for Panther compatibility is FREE. And if you buy a new Mac within 6 months after purchase you can also switch to the new Mac with our software for FREE as well.


[Version 3.0.9w]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Oct 2003
I have buyed the version 3 for my Alu12". But now I will sale my 12" and change it for the new 15"....I accept to re-buy a new license for the half price, but what about the compatibility with Panther? Does I need to re re-buy another 3d license one more time??
Jan, please can you tell us more about Panther compatibility?
[Version 3.0.9w]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Sep 2003
Works great with my T68i. Simple interface with great ease of use.

But: Very expensive and hardware-locked for 1 Mac only.

I wanted to use it on my iBook and PowerBook which I use in turn, but I am not willing to pay the full price twice to be able to do that!
[Version 3.0.9m]

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Version Downloads:2,440
Type:Internet : Internet Utilities
Date:14 Dec 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Price: $48.74
Overall (Version 4.x):
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This software is not available any more and now succeded by launch2net. Please find all information about launch2net here:

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