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13 November 2008

REALbasic classes for creating Help in apps.


UniHelp... Why waste precious development time designing and compiling a different Help system for each software platform when you can easily use UniHelp for all of them? NO additional plugins or classes needed. Just drag the respective UniHelp components folder into your REALbasic project, create your HTML help pages and customize your configuration settings with HelpLogic, and that's it -- instant online help for your compiled REALbasic applications that works on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

You may use the encrypted UniHelp classes in your non-commercial and freeware compiled REALbasic applications Royalty-Free. The Freeware version does NOT include support of any kind. For commercial and shareware apps, a UniHelp Component License and UniHelp Source Code License are available for purchase.

What's new in UniHelp

Version 4.0:
  • [New] - New refined user interface!
  • [New] - Browser history has been enhanced with a new History list menu.
  • [New] - New OPTIONAL Print button. REALbasic's HTMLViewer control does not support native printing, but printing can be achieved by alternative methods on Windows (JavaScript) and Mac OS X (MBS Plugins). Customize with your own printing code or "turn off" the Print feature.
  • [New] - New Text Size buttons enable the user to adjust the text size of the UniHelp Viewer interface (such as the TOC, Index, and Search listboxes).
  • [New] - New Collapse & Expand buttons enable the user to easily collapse or expand the entire Table of Contents with a single click.
  • [New] - Up & Down arrow buttons provide additional navigational support.
  • [New] - You now have the option to perform Full Text Searches within UniHelp.
  • [New] - You now have the option to show Highlighted Search Matches in the displayed help pages within UniHelp's search engine.
  • [New] - Optimized error handling and refactored codebase for improved performance.

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