EntourageEvents X

1.3.1 04 May 2002

Copy Entourage Events to an iPod.


Developer website: Michael Zapp

EntourageEvents takes all of your Entourage Events (within a specified date range) and exports them into vCard files for copying to your iPod. They are placed in a folder called "iPodEvents" on your desktop. It includes the subject , location, start and end date/time, and any notes associated with an event. The events can be organized by date or subject.

What's New

Version 1.3 adds the following:
  • All of your events can now be stored to a single "Events.vcf" file. This makes file management a breeze.
  • Saving of preferences, including:
    • A default folder, such as your iPod's Contacts folder. If the default folder can't be found the application will ask you where to save your events (without changing the default).
    • Default start and end dates offset from today. This allows for automatic setting of a date range in days, weeks or months.
    • Selecting whether or not the year needs to be included in the event titles. Removing them adds precious space for displaying subject information.
    • Selecting whether or not you want old Event files deleted (in case you want to keep old ones on your iPod).
    • Selecting whether or not you want a single or mulitple files. Just in case you liked the old way of generating files better.
    • Selecting how your events will be organized: by date/subject, date/time or subject.
  • Makes sure that only files beginning with "Event" are deleted since you may be deleting directly from your iPod.
  • Adjusting the start date will also step the end date so that your date range is maintained (as defined in the preferences)


MacOS X 10.0 or later, Apple's iPod.


Current Version (1.x)


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04 May 2002
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