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FWB SubRosa Updater

16 April 2002

Fixes display problems.


SubRosa\'s Vol 1- File Utilities are a trio of easy-to-use applications designed to protect your data against unauthorized access.

SubRosa Encryptor allows you to take files or folders and convert them to an encrypted secure, \"Internet friendly\" archive that can be stored on your computer or sent to a friend without worrying about prying eyes. Your personal stuff gets translated into a secure format using technology similar to that used with online banking (128 bit dynamic encryption with rolling keys, and stream encryption).

Subrosa Shredder allows you to securely erase files from your computer in a manner which makes it impossible for anyone to retrieve those files. Much like the common office shredder, it will take any documents you throw into it and turn them into pulp. Technically, this is achieved by writing an industry recognized secure pattern over the entire contents of the file, changing the relevant directory information, and then instructing the operating system to remove the remnants.

What's new in FWB SubRosa Updater

Version 1.0.2 fixes the following:
  • Fixed a problem when decrypting files located on a locked volume or CD.

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