1.2 17 May 2004

Webserver CGI for server-side scripting.


Developer website: Liane, Inc.

MacASP is a cgi that provides server-side processing to Mac Web servers. MacASP language is NOT compatible with Microsoft ASP.

What's New

Version 1.2 adds the following:
  • [New] Internal compiler changes (parameters storage)
  • [Opt] Internal implementation change for arrays
  • [Bug] Mail.Open() didn't correctly returned the error to Error.Message()
  • [Opt] Selected console messages can be copied to the clipboard with the Edit menu (option key will copy the entire messages, control key all messages)
  • [New] Arrays are now multi-dimensional. ex: myArray(1, 2, 3) = "value"
  • [New] Arrays are now associative arrays. ex:myArray("fruit") = "apple"
  • [Bug] fixed a crash with MacHTTP < 2.6 introduced in 1.13
  • [Bug] fixed some potential crashes when working with graphics in low memory conditions
  • [Bug] static pages bigger than 64k where truncated
  • [Opt] HTMLEncode() now encode just the bare minimum (&"<>)
  • [New] UBound, Dump() extended to exploit the new multi-dimensional arrays
  • [New] Auto-Restore option for native databases
  • [Opt] Dump() output is now HTML Encoded
  • [New] Webstar V FCGI support
  • [Opt] the DIRE parameter is now relayed to spawned processes
  • [Opt] Now correctly handles sites not located on the system disk on OS X
  • [Bug] Fixed a potential crash when no system file name was entered in the prefs
  • [New] ResizeImage method
  • [New] ZDeflate and ZInflate methods
  • [New] deflate HTML compression (note: gzip is still the prefered mode, and deflate mode is disabled for MSIE Windows, since it doesn't seem to handle it correctly)
  • [New] MacASP automatically precompiles files at launch (most requested or bigger files first)
  • [Bug] Fixed a off-by-one error in readFileLn occuring whith a one line file (just one EOL separator at the end)
  • [Bug] Session.Set didn't create the array if needed, as noted in the documentation.
  • [Opt] MacASP now fixes Header lines incorrectly ending with LF, instead of CRLF (as it already did with CR)
  • [Bug] Potential crash fixed in UBound when used with incorrect parameters.
  • [New] optional Step parameter to For...Next
  • [Bug] OSA.Call now converts handlers names in lowercase
  • [Bug] fixed GMT offsets in mails
  • [Bug] DateToSeconds no longer ignores "pm" in 12-hour formatted times
  • [Opt] URLEncode converts the "+" character into "%2B"
  • [New] MacASP now detects if an included file has been modified, and recompiles the files appropriately. As a side effect, #nocache is deprecated.
  • [Opt] HTTP.Get better report errors, and handles 301 redirects
  • [Bug] Fixed crash when a spawned script tried to output something (ex: flush)
  • [Bug] Fixed TextConvert() bug with japanese text longer than 1024 chars
  • [Opt] BuildString() now compatible with the new multi-dimensional arrays
  • [Bug] Fixed length bug with NthTag and #include on OS9 Japanese with Shift_JIS chars
  • [Bug] OSA.Call now works with scripts compiled with OSA.Compile


Mac OS X 10.1 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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Internet / Servers
17 May 2004
OS X / PPC 32