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Cocoa text editor supports Unicode.   Shareware ($28.00)
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Jedit is a Cocoa version of the popular text editor in Japan. Supports Unicode, text encoding sniffer, customizable syntax coloring, fully customizable key bindings, split editing window, line-number display, book marking, object embedding (image, Quicktime movie, and files), sorting, etc.
What's New
Version 2.39:
  • Fixed a multi-file replace bug on OS X 10.9
Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4 or later

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Jedit X User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Eelco Deuling reviewed on 15 Nov 2012
I use this software to wrangle rtf files (mainly for ePub production) where it is easier to maintain the RTF than to edit TXT, because you want to preserve the styling of the text.
With a help program (available at the developer's website) you can search for styled text: you can replace the found pattern with grep, so you can easily place all html tags necessary before you export to plain text.
The program is very powerful: I regard it as a "BBEdit for RTF".

The version I use is the non-Appstore version, now at 2.3.4. The download listed here (at the moment) is an older version without Gatekeeper code signing, so please visit the developer's website if you use a later version of OSX.
[Version 2.32]


Shk747 commented on 06 Nov 2011
hi macupdate

2.3.2 is out ..
[Version 2.30]



Bashosfrog reviewed on 10 Mar 2010
A first-rate text editor/word processor. I write for a living, and JEditX has become my word-producing tool of choice.

- it works natively with RTF. I use JEditX almost exclusively from within Devonthink. I've created several RTF templates for different purposes (article/audio transcription/notes) which I open in JEditX from within DT. When the article is done and sent, all my words are automatically contained within the database, along with reference materials.

- it's better than DT's native RTF editor. JEditX has a range of tools to make massaging words easier - Automator actions, Applescripts, a superb Find module. I often clip from PDFs, for instance: JEditX quickly tidies up the extra lines breaks and white space. I have to export text files in Windows format: JEditX does that, too.

- it's better than a text editor. A lot of the functionality of JEditX can be found in a capable text editor. The problem with text editors is viewing the text - no line spacing, no paragraph spacing - which can make long chunks of text difficult to navigate. JEditX allows you to set up a pleasing text view, and still use text editor power to transform text.

- it just works. Sometimes you hit on a bit of software created by a developer who seems to work the same way you want to. I don't have a clue who Artman21 is, except that he's Japanese and he has second-guessed the needs of this Australian. Thanks.
[Version 2.20]

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Steven Goodheart replied on 01 Aug 2011
Couldn't agree more with your review! JEditX is one of my most-used tools as a writer/editor. And like you, I too use JEditX "within" DevonThink Pro and as well my default RTF file editor. Because of its tools and (powerful) simplicity, I produce almost all my material within JEditX, and then, if I need to, export to MS Word or Pages. As you point out, the synergy with DevonThink is superb, especially if you make some templates for yourself.

The Find module is truly amazing, especially the way you can ask it to find all occurrences of a word or phrase and, if you want, have those words shown with the surrounding *context* which you can then save as a file as well. I have used that particular feature so many times to understand how some word or idea is being explained within an article I need to analyze.

"It just works" Yes! It's simply a great, powerful, tool for anyone who has to work with text. Thanks for writing this great review so I could chime in with my American "two-bits." I can't recommend JEditX enough.

Anonymous reviewed on 12 Oct 2005
This program looks like a mac program, works like a mac program, plays well with other mac programs. It is clean, crisp, and RTF native. It opens m$word docs very well, and gets the job done quickly. It is not the "other" jedit, which although it functions well, is slow and just plain ugly. The only thing this program lacks for me is columns. If the author added that, I really wouldn't need another word processor.
[Version 1.27]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Aug 2005
Save yourself $28 and download the respected and venerable jEdit rather than this editor (note the lowecase j, uppercase E and lack of an X if the names confuse you) You can get it right here at Macupdate ->
[Version 1.23b]

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Anonymous commented on 22 Aug 2005
Reasons why?
This editor's been respected and has had its own following for a while, too. I'd need more reasons than 'go with this one instead' to decide between the two.

Gaoshan replied on 15 Feb 2006
Uhmm... because it is free?

G-money replied on 26 Apr 2006
You are a fool! jEdit was writting for developers. Jedit was written for multi-lingual docs. Try opening Kanji or Russki in jEdit. IT FREEZES!!! So read the developers FAQ and get yourself educated!!! I hate people who flames great progs such as this!

VeryCarla replied on 03 Jul 2007
Speaking of "venerable", Jedit has been around a long time - going on twelve years now - so it's not the developer's fault there's confusion. Perhaps jEdit's developers should have run a simple Google search before releasing their program to see if the name was already in use.

And free ≠ better.

Anonymous reviewed on 17 Nov 2003
I was very confused as a user of "Jedit" which is found at

These names are too similar!
[Version 4.2.3]

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Anonymous commented on 17 Nov 2003
and there's a jEdit (small 'j', capital 'E') too.

developers really should research prospective names (to see if there is a similarly named app) BEFORE they name their apps.
Anonymous commented on 10 Nov 2004
Yeah, this isn't cool. jEdit is a very widely used editor (including by me).
Anonymous commented on 16 Mar 2005
Jedit X is very popular in Japan, and its progenitor, Jedit 1.0.1, appeared in 1995.
Developers should research prospective names, indeed.
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Bordwehr rated on 25 Dec 2013

[Version 2.38]

Version Downloads:183
Type:Business : Word Processing
Date:01 Mar 2014
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $28.00
Overall (Version 2.x):
Ease of Use:
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Jedit is a Cocoa version of the popular text editor in Japan. Supports Unicode, text encoding sniffer, customizable syntax coloring, fully customizable key bindings, split editing window, line-number display, book marking, object embedding (image, Quicktime movie, and files), sorting, etc.

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