1.5.5 30 Dec 2002

Carracho server log analyzer.


Developer website: Philip Hilton

cARLO can analyze raw data logs from Carracho servers and report back statistics such as:
  • General stats for a user (uploads, downloads, leech rating, IPs).
  • Every nickname used when a user started a file transfer.
  • A list of files uploaded by a user.
  • A list of files downloaded by a user.
  • The leech rating of every user on the server sorted by login names or leech ratings.
  • Server wide stats (uploads, downloads, leech rating, and 5 "top 10" lists.
  • Search for file uploaders by filename.
  • Search for file downloaders by filename.
  • Super fast log analyzing

What's New

Version 1.5.5 fixes the following:
  • Fixed bug which prevented the file name of reports from being remembered.
  • Fixed progress bar increment math.
  • Preferences window now closes when clicking the "Parse Log Files" button.
  • Renamed "Parse Logs Files" button to "Save Changes / Parse Log Files"
  • more appropriate.
  • Moved all progress indicators to the toolbar.
  • Added "Caching Logs" state to log parsing stages
  • Added option to exclude file transfers by anonymous or "guest" users. For this option to work on Hotline logs, the log must begin with the standard "Date/time" string which identifies it as such.
  • Added option in preferences to identify unique users by their nickname, as opposed to their account username. This is an UNSUPPORTED FEATURE which allows public servers to separate the statistics of users which do not have an account. Note that this is NOT the recommended way to parse files. This feature was added only because many people requested it and it was rather trivial to add. It is not particularly useful as most users change their nicknames quite often.
  • Added the ability to auto-magically save server reports every X hours. This is an UNSUPPORTED FEATURE found in the preferences window. If this option is checked then a report will be generated using the current report settings after X hours and every time you manually parse the logs or launch cARLO. Note that if you enter a value less than 0.0025 as the number of hours between reports (~9 seconds), then the value is ignored and no report will be generated until you change it to a more realistic value ("realistic" would be 0.5 to 2 days). Extended use of this UNSUPPORTED feature over several days will result in very large memory usage. Having smaller log files and increasing the time between reports will minimize this. Relaunching cARLO will temporarily fix the problem. This isn't typically a problem during normal usage, so this "bug" will probably go unfixed. If this bothers you a lot, please make a note of it when you pay your shareware fee, and I will take it into consideration. When enough people have paid for cARLO and expressed concern over this bug that it justifies the time it would take to fix it, I will do so.
  • Small 10.2.3 optimizations.


Mac OS X 10.0 or later

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30 Dec 2002
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