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Who Owns What X


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Who Owns What X

23 August 2002

Create file listings by owner and group.


Who Owns What creates directory & file listings that are sorted by Owner and Group. You can easily find out how many files are owned by each user in a particular hierarchy. Choose a starting directory, and all of the directories and files in the hierarchy below it are cataloged. The directory and file information can be viewed in separate panes inside the program, or in the output text files that are also created.

What's new in Who Owns What X

Version 1.3 adds the following:
  • Now works with non-printable characters in path names (e.g ƒ and ®)
  • Group filter works correctly
  • Mac Type and Creator displayed
  • Bug Fixes and Speed Improvements

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App requirements: 
  • PPC 32
  • or later
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