Haxial KDX Client

1.6 03 Oct 2004

Secure Hotline-like client.


Developer website: Haxial Software P/L

KDX is a BBS-style encrypted Internet communications system that provides file transfer, voice chat, text chat, messaging, news, trackers and more. It uses strong encryption to protect your communications for security and privacy. For administrators, it includes many powerful administration features such as Server History, Connection Monitor, Account Classes, etc.

What's New

Version 1.6:
  • New access privilege "Can See All Volumes". Turn this on for your account and then refresh the base of your files, and it will change to a list of the volumes on the server computer, and you can navigate inside them, giving you access to all files.
  • You can also Get Info on a volume using the context menu.
  • Added a "1 Up Q For All, 1 Down Q Per Server" file transfer queuing option in the client that is good for people with large download bandwidth, but capped/low upload bandwidth.
  • The preview text in the Font Chooser window now displays samples for a number of languages, not only English. You can also type into it.
  • In future, warnings about the client and server versions being different will only be displayed if there is sufficient difference. Minor upgrades with no compatibility issues will not cause a warning.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs when changing the admin login via the local settings window in the server.
  • Fixed top secret feature for Jin.
  • Mac: As per Apple's convention, added .app to the names of the program files. The differing file name will cause remote server upgrade to fail this one time, sorry. Don't forget to upgrade KDXUpgradeHelper to the new version as well.
  • Mac: Does not always display the correct icon for volumes, despite 8+ hours trying to solve this single problem, due to pathetic Mac APIs.
  • Mac: Fixed a memory leak noticeable when cataloging (thanks Searcher!).
  • MS Windows: Fixed bug which sometimes caused an endless stream of errors when disconnected from a server.
  • Unix: Fixed bug with deleting files.
  • Unix: Remote server upgrade now preserves the unix RWXS/UGO access permissions on the server program file. This is important if you use SUID.
  • Fixed problem with unicode file names with diacritical marks.
  • Hide ".DS_Store" (annoying little files that the Mac Finder creates everywhere).
  • Empty Trash now empties the real Mac Trash instead of ~/.Trash, thanks to special mac-specific code.
  • Moving a file to the trash (deleting) now uses the real Mac Trash instead of ~/.Trash.
  • Fixed bug with times in Process Monitor.
  • Support Mac file/folder comments (more special mac-specific code).
  • Fixed bug with Shutdown Computer command, but still requires root access.
  • Launch Program command now launches the file exactly the same as if you had double-clicked it (uses the MacOS "open" shell command).
  • Renamed program file to correct file name extension (was ".app" should have been ".command"). Consequently, you can now simply double-click the program file and it will open in a terminal window.
  • Added support for View/Control Display.


Mac OS 9.0 or later, CarbonLib 1.3.1 or later

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03 Oct 2004
OS Classic / OS X / PPC 32