Bobs Bricks Millennium Edition
Bobs Bricks Millennium Edition


Bobs Bricks Millennium Edition free download for Mac

Bobs Bricks Millennium Edition

10 January 2002

Game where you position Bob under falling bricks.


Bob is a sad little ex-construction worker who had the great misfortune of being beaned on the head one day by a falling brick. The resulting loss of his memory disturbed our hero greatly, and thus he set out on a quest to position himself under as many falling bricks as possible, in the hopes that this might bring him back to his senses...

You must help Bob regain his memory by moving him underneath a barrage of falling bricks. Why are there bricks falling from the sky, you ask? This is indeed an unusual coincidence, given Bob's recent traumatic incident, but it is one which he has chosen to accept as a bit of luck (for a change). Is that all there is to it? Complete all five levels of Bob's Bricks Millennium Edition to find out.

What's new in Bobs Bricks Millennium Edition

Version 1.0.3:
  • Application and Read Me file updated to reflect our new Web site address
  • "Start Game" and "How To Play" buttons now look nicer on OS X

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