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Falcon 4 Utility


Falcon 4 Utility free download for Mac

Falcon 4 Utility2.5.3

07 June 2002

Enhances the Falcon 4 flight simulator.


Falcon 4 Utility works only with Microprose / MacSoft Falcon 4 for Mac. F4U is an application that is used to consolidate programs made by third parties, includes a lot of bug fixes and a tutorial.

What's new in Falcon 4 Utility

Version 2.5.3 adds the following:
  • Falcon 4.0 Patch update to 1.06d version.
  • Extended Joystick support and more
  • InputSprocket settings.
  • Added Joystick calibration application.
  • Added better memory handling for Falcon 4: F4U purges and compacts the
  • System Software memory. You have now more free memory.
  • Added software update engine. First step to have always updated Falcon 4 tools.
  • F4U works with multiple partitions and multiple F4U versions.
  • Numerous cosmetic and User Interface improvements.
  • Better Falcon 4 Tutorial.
  • Added original Falcon 4 Key Guide in the online help.

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