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20 January 2002

Change file type and creator.


FileChange can be used to change the file type and creator of a file (in other words, what the file is, like a ResEdit file or SimpleText read-only document). It can also view a file as text, a picture, or a movie. You can set the file type of a entire folder's items, and you can change the file type and/or creator by creating a list of most used file types.

What's new in FileChange

Version 1.1 adds the following:
  • FileChange can now open folders
  • Info Box now seperated into tabs "Basic" and "Advanced" or "Main" and "Files"
  • "View As" settings are in one menu on the "Basic" tab
  • Can now create Commonly Used File Types within FileChange
  • FileChange is now carbonized (can run natively in Mac OS X)
  • More options for viewing movies (looping)
  • More options for pictures (full screen, copy to clipboard)
  • Text files will now open in FileChange styled(i.e., with bold, different fonts)
  • Open and Show In Finder now in FileChange
  • Added sheets (OS X)
  • FileChange will create the "FileChange File Types" folder by itself

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