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Set of powerful tools for managing digital content.   Demo ($199.95)
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Portfolio lets individuals, workgroups, or enterprises manage digital assets in visual catalogs. Its new client/server capabilities provide fully scalable asset management for enterprises. Advanced features include scripting for unlimited automation and workflow integration, publishing catalogs on the Web, slideshows and importing fields from other databases.
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Version 8.5.8:
  • Bug fix release.
Intel, OS X 10.6.8 or later

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Extensis Portfolio User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 8.x:
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Wizard2 reviewed on 30 Sep 2013
Forget Portfolio -- it is buggy, slow, hobbled by poor EXIF implementation and expensive.

As a former Portfolio user and proponent, I am saddened that Extensis has given lip service and hype rather than provide a complete overhaul of their once-great app.

iView MediaPro was amazing before they cashed out to Microsoft who gutted it and abandoned the project.

Other posters are correct -- the best MULTIMEDIA viewer is Adobe Bridge. There is NO quality cataloging or library tool suitable for large and robust collections.

iView Media came closest ever.... hint hint developers.
[Version 8.5.8]


JasonE commented on 03 Sep 2013
Well, as of today, Portfolio Stand alone is a dead product. Nice Extensis. Take a once-wonderful product and let it languish before killing it off without an ounce of respect. They could have sold it, spun it off or open-sourced it, but instead decide to throw it all away.

Please, please, someone make something as good as this once was. We will buy it. The budgets and customers are there. Extensis only wanted big dollar agencies and did not care two cents about the small shops out there. To them, we're second rate citizens. To us, they are a third rate company, at best.
[Version 8.5.6]

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Foolishservant replied on 30 Sep 2013
Try Pixa

Thumpinc replied on 18 Mar 2014
Pixa doesnt work for EPS


Rmark reviewed on 04 Jun 2013
This appears to be the old 2011 version. It is too bad that there have been no updates since then. We use Portfolio for its abbility to to import/export fields as tab-delimited text. Too bad it does not support Excel directly. There are several interface problems which never get fixed. Extensis does not seem to care about this product. I would be glad to discuss improvements with them.
[Version 8.5.6]



West-Bay-G-Man reviewed on 04 Jun 2013
Version 8.5.6 has been available since August 2011. I guess they are just trying to regain a little visibility here.
[Version 8.5.6]


Ocd commented on 04 Jun 2013
fyi - I think that 8.5.3 is not the current vers... it's up to 8.5.6 or more... check the website...
[Version 8.5.3]

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MacUpdate-Jess replied on 04 Jun 2013
Thanks for letting us know about the new version, Ocd.


Macfoto reviewed on 02 Jun 2012
International English Pricing (full Version): $262.08! Wow, for that you can buy Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom & some coffees! Too expensive!
[Version 8.5.3]


Rbgphoto commented on 17 Dec 2009
I'd agree. There's actually not 1 seriously great image cataloguing program out there. Such a shame.

We use bridge/lightroom for processing raw images but even that is as slow as portfolio to add/view data. And slower yet to do searches (if you think Portfolio is bad, bridge/lightroom are way slower and more expensive. So we add metadata but can't use it as a search tool. We're waiting for a better solution.

There are a lot of other wanna be image programs but they are viewers more than anything.

PROS about portfolio:
Portfolio is more like a library catalogue (which is clunky compared to modern times) but EXTREMELY powerful cataloguing program. It can embed and export metadata into images which is awesome and simple. Speed hasn't been an issue with us and we run 1 catalog with over 20,000 images on a PC and another with 7,000 images on mac. The PC can be slow but it's a dog of a computer and it's the network that's slow not the program! If you have speed issues, try upgrading your machine.

I agree with other comments tho, it's necessary to be able to embed metadata into raw files and be able to rotate them. That is crazy in a pro photo program! It is also for the serious/pro cataloguers who love it, but for photographers it's too time consuming for them or they don't understand the power of the fields. Shame they haven't kept up to date with the user's needs.
[Version 8.5.3]



Rubaiyat reviewed on 24 Jul 2009
I have tried Portolio over I don't know how many versions and it never seems to get any better.

It is slow, unstable (it crashes whenever it hits a file it doesn't like which is often) and unreliable especially with opening different version files.

The killer for me is the constant crashes which force you to restart protracted cataloguing over and over to find the offending file. It is too stupid to flag the file that causes it to go down.

I can only conclude those who seem to find it satisfactory are only scanning a small range of bitmap files, in which case I don't know why they don't just use iPhoto, Lightroom or Aperture.

I do wish there was something on the Mac that was usable. Any suggestions?
[Version 8.5.3]


rbgphoto commented on 23 Oct 2008
Having read all of the comments on Portfolio and iMedia, I would question how valid the responses were... it seems to me that there's someone out there wanting to bag Portfolio and promote iMedia. Maybe I'm a skeptic but I think it's a shame if that's the case. There's better ways to compete with one another.

I'm a professional photographer and getting valid, UNBIASED views would be appreciated on forums and I hope this is the case with this forum. However I'm inclined to ignore it as it seems too biased for my liking.

If you want to have constructive criticism fine. I have used all the database software so if you do make comments it's good to be clear and concise and compare the two, not just make sweeping comments.

I'll go elsewhere to find better comments, pros and cons, about the various photography databases out there.


[Version 8.5.2]

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Rubaiyat replied on 06 Nov 2009
Well I guess you could list me as one of those "bagging" Portfolio, but I have given my reasons.

iView Media Pro is a very nice cataloguer, much more user friendly than Portfolio, especially as every new version of Portfolio required you to update older file versions and wouldn't open later versions from other users. This puts it into the unusable category for me, added tot he persistent crashes when it hits files it doesn't like. An amazing time waster in fact.

Unfortunately IMP was taken over by Microsoft, and had an Achilles heels, in that it will not catalog CS4 .ai files with .pdf preview and crashes when it hits one.

I am still looking for a good cataloguer, that covers all my image files, reliably.

That is definitely NOT Portfolio.

f/8 commented on 10 May 2008
In short: STAY AWAY FROM Extensis Portfolio.

I've been using Portfolio since version 7, on PC. Now I have a Mac, and am trying out version 8 with latest updates.

But this software has become a nightmare, especially in view of the newer Bridge and Lightroom which do a better job.

Portfolio issues:

Keywording is a disaster. Especially when you consider that this is supposed to be an expensive DAM program. This alone is enough to ditch the software. Lightroom does such a graceful job with keywords, with hierarchy unlike Portfolio.

Slugish. On my 8-core 2.8Ghz MacPro it is even slower than on my PC. Go figure.

Expensive to buy and to upgrade. Even more so if you are not a US citizen.

Unstable. Give it a few tasks to handle and it will hang and crash. I keep sending in the crash reports to Extensis, but never get any feedback.

Cannot rotate an original unless it is a jpeg.

Does not integrate well with Bridge or Lightroom.

Did I mention that keywording REALLY sucks and it is outrageously expensive for what it is?

Do your self a favour and do not buy it. It was once useful when it had less competition, but today there simply is no need for a single user to get Extensis Portfolio. I'm so disappointed with the money I spent on this bloated piece of junk.
[Version 8.5.2]


jan13 had trouble on 03 Mar 2006
First of all I must say, that I did found this program very useful !!! I to say that, I have to ad that it is so useful, that it is a part of my daily work-flow.... however on the other hand there are issues one of them very, very, very slllllloooooooow updates from Extensis as far as comparability with Canon 5D RAW format plus other issues....

It all seams to me, that Extensis do NOT met requirements of pro-users and I can say that since I am user of this software from "day one"..... my experience with Extensis is no good what so ever !!!
[Version 8.0]


JasonE rated on 05 Sep 2013

[Version 8.5.6]

Stalmicmac rated on 08 Jan 2013

[Version 8.5.3]

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Date:30 Sep 2013
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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Portfolio lets individuals, workgroups, or enterprises manage digital assets in visual catalogs. Its new client/server capabilities provide fully scalable asset management for enterprises. Advanced features include scripting for unlimited automation and workflow integration, publishing catalogs on the Web, slideshows and importing fields from other databases.

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