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Screamer Chess II1.0fc3

30 December 2001

Master-strength chess board game.


Screamer Chess is a master-strength chess program. Features: unlimited move takeback, two piece sets, computer analysis displayed and logged, position setup, position copy/paste in EPD format, ExaChess compatible, Applescriptable, defeated Crafty 14.11 (62.5-61.5) in 124 game ExaChess match. Features include:
  • Fully functional chess engine that plays legal chess including castling, en passant, and recognized standard draw positions including draw by 3 fold repetition, draw by insufficient material, draw by 50 move rule.
  • Unlimited move take back. This is ability to take back all moves up to the initial move made by a player or the computers.
  • Variable hash table support from 512 Kb to 40 Mb.
  • Intuitive Click and Drag -or- Point and Click piece movement.
  • Fully scriptable interface and support for Apple Events.
  • Exachess 2.x and Exachess Lite 2.x chess database compatibility. Simply place Screamer or an alias to Screamer in the Exachess:Tools:Engines folder and select Screamer in the engines dialog.
  • Opening Book of 38209 unique positions.
  • A much larger optional opening book (approximately 3x larger).
  • Support for all 3, 4, and 5 man end game tablebases.
  • Optionally outputs all games in PGN format (PGN log file).

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