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Keyspan Digital Media Remote (URM-17A) is a powerful infrared remote which allows you to control multimedia applications on your computer in the same convenient way that you now control your home TV. This download contains the drivers needed to run Digital Media Remote on your Mac. Also supports AirPort Express.
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Version 2.2: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, Keyspan Digital Media Remote.

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ver. 2.x:
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Wikno commented on 07 May 2010
Tripp Lite bought this outfit a while ago, not sure how long. However, they are still selling my model, and several others... so, hopefully they'll update the software for Mac OS 10.7? It's been far from flawless these last few years (or ever really), but it's definitely been mostly usable, just many bugs in trying to get the available customizations to actually work!
[Version 2.4b4]

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Macmanux replied on 22 Aug 2010
Would anyone know where to find software version 2.4b4? Seems that Tripp-Lite on their web page only posts 2.2 which is way old, and wouldn't work on current operating systems.

Any hints are greatly welcome.


Umaromc reviewed on 06 May 2006
I've been using my DMR for a few years now and have had my fare share of use out of it: my nephew, little brothers, sister, father, mother and myself have enjoyed, at one time or another, movies, music and videos on my 16:10 20.1" using, mostly, Apple DVD Player, iTunes and VLC and have enjoyed the basic/added functionality of my system as an entertainment center—especially the DMR.

I have to give "Ease of Use" the full five stars because, even upon first configuring the mapping interface, you realize that most of the buttons are preset to be immediately used in most of the widely used audio/video end-user applications. While the same can't be said of the button assignment [process] when adding a new set for a new program, I think it goes without saying that the programs usable vary quite widely in relative design so, having said that, the interface, while seemingly unintuitive at a glance, is actually quite useful insofar as the wide range of uses for the DMR. The up side of this is that you'll rarely interface with this aspect of the software's GUI.

All-in-all; a straight-forward program/software suite(?).
[Version 2.4b4]


Anonymous reviewed on 24 Apr 2005
I'm having issues when mapping VLC. Sent them several emails and I didn't get one reply.
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Sep 2004
Well they brought back volume control, but the driver now crashes my machine if it goes to sleep and wakes up with the Keyspan receiver plugged in. As usual, their tech support is unresponsive (does it even exist?)
[Version 1.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Aug 2004
Volume works for me! :)

I too have had my DMR for years and got bummed when volume didn't work with OS X. Now I can use it all the time again.
[Version 1.7]

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Anonymous commented on 13 Aug 2004
what the.. volume didnt work for me... mute did, but no volume :(

Anonymous reviewed on 06 Apr 2004
Well I've owned one of these since they first went on the market, what 4 years ago? A lovely little piece of hardware, and just what you need to kick back and watch a DVD on the iMac widescreen.

However, that's the hardware. The software, I have to say, is a disgrace. I can honestly say that in all these years of owning the DMR and updating the software religiously, as I do my Mac OS, I have never yet had the luxury of being able to use all of the remote's features.

THIS time around, its the VOLUME control. It doen't work in Panther. If history says anything, when Panther is superceded, the volume will be fixed but something else won't work.

Keyspan, get it together, would you? I expect this sort of nonsense from a Microsoft wireless mouse software, and my response to you is the same as to Microsoft:


When you make a piece of hardware, you are obliged to see to it that ALL its functions work, not just some of them. There seems to be this pervading attitude amongst computer hardware makers that "mostly working" = working = good enough. Pah!
[Version 1.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Dec 2003
with panther, the volume buttons dont change the system volume, but here is a workaround until its updated...
download and install "PTH Volume" here:

after installing and launching it, click on the volume menu that it adds to your menu bar and press command- , to open the preferences for it.
set the hot keys for volume up and volume down. Click apply.

go to the keyspan mapper app and change the global settings for the volume keys to produce the keystroke you set in pth volume.
modify the key repeat rate until you have something that works...

[Version 1.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Oct 2003
Get product. Timely update that corrected the logout error.
[Version 1.6]

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Version Downloads:1,520
Type:Drivers : Other
Date:05 Nov 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Price: $59.99
Overall (Version 2.x):
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Keyspan Digital Media Remote (URM-17A) is a powerful infrared remote which allows you to control multimedia applications on your computer in the same convenient way that you now control your home TV. This download contains the drivers needed to run Digital Media Remote on your Mac. Also supports AirPort Express.

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