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Assign key combinations to any OS X app.   Shareware ($15.00)
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HotApp is a utility app that let you assign a key combination to activate the application of your choice.
What's New
Version 1.9.2u: The first universal binary for HotApp is now available. This version is strongly recommended for any users running Tiger on an Intel system. We did almost no code change to have HotApp running on Intel. We had basically to tweak some configuration settings for XCode, and build the new Universal version. Easy job !
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Jeff-H. reviewed on 13 Aug 2012
Works under Mt. Lion too! Only runs in 32 bit mode but who cares, its not Photoshop.
This app is invaluable...when I get a new comp its usually the first thing I install (and when you have a new install you can import your old data! If you backed it up that is).
Too bad its abandonware...
[Version 1.9.2u]


marvinbass1 reviewed on 02 Nov 2011
I've lost my installer for this wonderful app, can anyone send it to me?? iDisk Public Name: marvin or email:
[Version 1.9.2u]

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marvinbass1 replied on 02 Nov 2011

Schwity replied on 10 Jan 2012
@ Marvin.

I've found my installer and just upload it to your iDisk -> For Marvin.
Regards, Schwity.
marvinbass1 replied on 10 Jan 2012
Thank You so much Schwity!! Cheers!!


Cybercat-Hk reviewed on 30 Aug 2011
My favorite utility, *ever*
- I bought this back in 2005 & it's stil working perfectly countless times a day, every day, totally glitch-free through every OS X update, including Snow Leopard.

Not just a hot-key application launcher, it will also perform system actions, open AppleScripts, URLs, paste text, add addresses, perform mouse events/actions etc.

Recently unable to find Trufsoft website any more, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed & hoping the Universal Binary version HotApp 1.9.2u works in Lion too!
( new Mac should be delivered next week)
[Version 1.9.2u]

4 Replies


Schwity replied on 09 Oct 2011
Hi Cybercat. I'm using HatApp even for years and it works for me as assumed. Unfortunately it seems that this product is end of life.
Indeed I use HotApp actually under Lion and it seems it works but there are two little behaviors. The first is, that HotApp is a 32bit program respectively preferences pane. So if you click on the icon, system preferences have to restart in 32bit modus. But this happened automatically. The second is that the implemented notification system of HotApp doesn't work anymore. Both behaviors are not direct relevantly for the proper functionality, but more or less it is not really perfect for now.

That's a pit, but perhaps we have a little bit of luck and the developer comes back to supports this fantastic program again – or someone else could do....?!

Best regards, Schwity.
marvinbass1 replied on 02 Nov 2011
I've lost my installer for this wonderful app, can anyone send it to me?? iDisk Public Name: MARVINBASS or email:

Schwity replied on 03 Nov 2011

Unbelievable but I can't find my original installer file, too. But I've zipped my installed preference pane and copy it to your iDisk. I hope this will work for you - I think it should do.
Regards, Schwity
marvinbass1 replied on 03 Nov 2011
Schwity!! If I come across an installer, I'll let you know!

Jeff-H. commented on 08 Jan 2009
Been using this for years but with no trouble until Leopard.

Very sporadic since 10.5.6.
[Version 1.9.2u]


Phaleron commented on 01 Feb 2006
I am still on 10.3.9, so this may or may not be true. For those interested in saving $15, download Spark, a fantastic little utility (in my opinion) for configuring hot keys, etc. I am so used to it, I forget it's there.
[Version 1.9.2u]


le-macinfo commented on 01 Jul 2005
To the previous commenter: MaxMenus may be a nice OS X system addition, but it surely doesn't have a similar featureset. HotApp does provide a keyboard shortcut to almost every possible system-action, whereas MaxMenus does just Menu Enhancements (to all 4 screen corners) to conviniently start Apps, find Documents, Folders, etc.
[Version 1.9.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 May 2005
MaxMenus has similar functionality plus a great way to navigate through folders.
[Version 1.9]

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Anonymous commented on 11 May 2005
Please do not hijack our MacUpdate review section for advertising your product here.

MaxMenu does not offer the same feature set as HotApp (just launching app), but that's basically it. HotApp is a lot more than an application launcher : you can trigger so many actions from a hot key with HotApp, and make your productivity go higher by just using the keyboard.
Ripperw commented on 11 May 2003
could not install it, no preference appears. frustrating as i had high hopes.
[Version 1.7.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Jan 2002
I am really impress by HotApp. I was missing the hot key feature available in OS 9 and Trufsoft is now providing it. I agree : a must have
[Version 1.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Nov 2001
Whaooo ! It's a great app. Now function keys are working (I guess this is new compared to the other comments). I really like the feature to assign a key combination to open a url. Good work ! Please don't stop there!
[Version 0.9a]

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Version Downloads:3,975
Type:Utilities : System
Date:01 Feb 2006
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $15.00
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HotApp is a utility app that let you assign a key combination to activate the application of your choice.

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