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MacDraft Updater5.0.5

11 October 2001

Fixes a huge number of bugs.


MacDraft 5.0.5 Updater fixes the following:
  • Fixed crash when attempting to read a certain corrupted file.
  • Fixed bug which made polygons/polylines cut/copied to the external clipboard lose their dashed attribute and polylines become closed.
  • Fixed crash when certain pre 5.0 files were read in.
  • Fixed crash which sometimes occured when reading in linked items.
  • Fixed bug with printing adius/diameter dimensions to postscript printer when the text was along the line.
  • Fixed bug in reading of DWG files - closed spline objects gained an extra vertex at the origin.
  • Protected us from possible crash when writing certain dimension objects to DXF files.
  • Fixed infinte loop while reading a certain file with unusual layer configuration.
  • Fixed crash with dimension objects where a user had overridden their background to a plain white PATTERN - rather than the default white COLOUR which is always OK.
  • Fixed bug with metric rulers having the wrong markings when the zoom factor was -4.
  • Fixed bug in copying of certain objects with dimansions that were user overridden.

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