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VScenePlayer for Mac2.3

20 November 2020

A simple and fast video player.

What is VScenePlayer for Mac

VScenePlayerLite is a simple and fast video player that can open and play one same video file or multiple video files at the same time.

  • The opened video file's status that contains the playback position, AB loop setting, volume, playback switch, window position and size, full screen mode or not .
  • Can be saved to the file called 'vscene' file and can read and restore the scene any time.
  • Compatible with multiple monitors.
  • In 'Disco Mode', we can arrange the same video on up to 4*4 panels to enhance our mood.
  • Users will feel at ease because there is no network communication at all.
  • Supports video playback that Apple 'QuickTime Player' supports video formats (MP4,MOV,M4V) by default
  • Supports playback/pause switching and volume operation with general Bluetooth earphones/headphones
  • The files saved as 'vscene' includes the status and file position (path) etc.. of all opened video files. Video files are not copied, so there is no copyright issue. So scene file size is small

Note: Free version of VScenePlayer is available here

What's new in VScenePlayer

Version 2.3:
  • Added rewind playback and forward playback buttons on the panel, and each jump time can be set in milliseconds on the setting panel.
  • Improved mouse operability for the panel.
  • Panel layout adjustments and Fixed some bugs.

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Oct 24 2020
Oct 24 2020
Version: 2.0.1
VScenePlayer is becoming a great piece of software that fulfils some of my more esoteric needs. In my work, I sometimes need to run recordings as repeats of Zoom Webinars. VScenePlayer has allowed me to do this in a way that is seamless to the attendees. By combining it with NDI, I am able to run each video as a different virtual camera, that is fed into Zoom. And since VScenePlayer can play the videos in perfect sync, the audience benefit from a playback that is indistinguishable from the original event. The developer is also very responsive to suggestions and reports of bugs. However, when corresponding with him, please keep in mind that English is not his first language.