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Supernova Studio9.0

03 August 2020

Bring mobile app UIs to life in minutes.


Supernova Studio: Connecting Design + Code Bring mobile app UIs to life in minutes by converting Sketch and Adobe XD designs into native frontend code for Flutter, iOS, Android and React Native.

  • Get production-ready code in a click - Available for Mac, Supernova Studio is the only design-to-code platform that bridges the gap between designers and developers by instantly turning static designs into pixel-perfect UIs. Use it to run usability tests, get stakeholder sign-off, and handoff in production-ready code, while capturing every pixel, interaction, localization, and animation - every time.
  • Native components - Empower your designs with fully interactive native components: Clickable buttons, text fields, tables, collections, maps, and more.
  • Auto-layout - Import designs to get a responsive layout that works across devices, seamlessly. Drag to resize in real-time to observe even the smallest changes.
  • WYSIWYG editor - Once you import your design files, you can trigger animations, add complex components, switch from vertical to horizontal scrollable lists, and more.
  • Interaction design - Supernova supports basic, spring, and keyframe animations, push and modal navigations, popups, XIBs, Storyboards, XML, and more.
  • Automatic asset manager - Instantly get size-optimized assets with scaling independent of source design (x1, x2, vectors) ready for every export to any platform.
  • Run usability tests - Conduct user testing with your complete product in full production code. Watch and learn as your users interact with every element, transition, and animation.
  • Get faster sign-off - Take the full power of programming to client and stakeholder meetings. Get them to "Yes!" faster by showing them the full dynamic user flow.

Run your prototypes natively on any platform without the need to rebuild - then focus on pioneering the next biggest innovation in product design. Start building now.

What's new in Supernova Studio

Version 9.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.13 or later

New Features
Customizable Exporters

You can now build or customise exporters for any platform you want to support


Purpose-built, bleeding-edge templating language to make writing the exporters a breeze

Exporter Publishing

Whether you create a new exporter or customize an existing one, you can always share it with the community through your favorite tools and platforms such as GitHub

Exporter Downloading

Any published exporter can be loaded into Supernova just by providing link to it - and it will be installed automatically for you

Automatic Updates

All remote exporters can now be remotely updated so you can always stay on the latest version - even without updating Supernova itself!

New Documentation

We are proud to introduce our new developer documentation alongside the general release of V9, where you can learn everything there is about the new technology. Go visit now!

  • Supernova will now be more snappy and responsive
  • The top menu is rearranged a bit to better support new exporters and blueprints

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