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LiveStage Pro Updater4.0.1

12 February 2002

Fixes many bugs.


LiveStage Pro 4.0.1 Updater adds the following:
    • Added endian swapping to color sample information to fix a Windows bug.
    • Sped up drawing of tracks and samples in the timeline.
    • Fixed problem with edit field changes being lost when a checkbox is clicked after typing some text.
    • Fixed AppleScript problem with the Flash track enumeration.
    • Fixed problem with the wrong folder being searched in the global library.
    • Fixed problem with sprite tracks not showing correctly in stage when property chips are used.
    • Fixed problem with drawing button images that use an alpha channel.
    • Fixed problem with re-ordering tweens.
    • Fixed balance source popup so you can set a tween to use to control the balance.
    • Window layouts (F-Keys) are now saved in the preferences file and not with each document.
    • Tweaked scroll are when dragging timeline headers.
    • You can drag the resizers by the arrow controls now.
    • URL history is saved in prefs.
    • The default button when editing a MIAM URL is now close and not add.
    • Added Media Synchronizer to contextual menu in time line.
    • Fixed crashing bug in Synchronizer.
    • Aspect ratio of media dropped on the stage is preserved when media is sized to fit.
    • Skin Fast Track now resizes the movie dimensions to that of the mask image (only)
    • QScript Reference Palette now ignores tags that start with \"?\" and \"!\" characters. This is done to provide direct compatiblity with standard XML editors.
    • Drag and drop of images onto the stage now drops the image in the correct position.
    • Defines editor is now active and ready for text when it is opened.
    • Tracks and sprites can no longer be set to invalid layers.
    • Effect tracks now render effect on stage for video sources.
    • Debug console is now behind the preview window.
    • QScript: SampleNamed(\"my name\").StartTime etc should now work with VR nodes. Timscale is probably an issue still.
    • Added AppleScript \"index\" property to all objects that can be referred to by index. (untested)
    • Fixed bug where cancelling a document load operation due to missing media did not work.
    • Fixed Preview for Fast Track so that they display properly under Windows.
    • Tweaked FSCommand parsing so that you can have spaces after the comma in \"QScript,\" and after \"ButtonName\".
    • Opening a \".bck\" file will prompt you for a name when you try to save it.
    • In QScript, using strings with single quotes that are 4 characters will be converted to an integer.
    • Fixed bug when using MovieVars and having a VR in your project.
    • Dropping of mutli framed PS files into skin meta track stage now works better.
    • Meta tracks can now be compiled when there are no other track types.
    • Fixed visiblity problem with Flash Frame Scripts.
    • Added Button ID display for named Flash Buttons.
    • When editing a tween, if it is already open in a window, that window is brought to the front.
    • The first track created now has its layer set to 0 not -1.
    • Fixed some bugs with the previewing of movies.
    • AppleScripts can now mess with gradient colors and not need to sort them.
    • Fixed an AppleScript bug where FlashTracks had the wrong \"type\".
    • ThisTrack.GetWidth and ThisMovie. GetWidth BOTH get the width of the movie now, and NOT the track. Use TrackWidth to get the width of the track.
    • The zoom level slider in the stage now snaps to multiples of 10.
    • Object position and size is now dynamically shown during manipulation.
    • Fixed crash that would occur when selecting sprites within the Sprites Sample. This occurs when you select item 1, then item 2 and then item 1 again.
    • Fixed QuickStart so that double clicking on LiveStage Professional projects will not launch QuickStart in OS X.
    • Fixed autosave so that it is disabled when the user disables it.
    • Modified button graphics for editors and stage under windows.
    • Fixed shortcut for Replace and Find Next.
    • Fixed registry association so the LSPro will launch when double clicking the project file.
    • Fixed crash when double clicking the LiveStage Professional project file.

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