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03 July 2020

Native application shell for FastMail.


Fmail is a native application shell for FastMail. For iOS and Android there are native clients, but not for macOS.

The web interface used by FastMail is excellent. The one thing missing is that the web interface cannot handle email links. So when you click on such a link it is the macOS Mail application that opens. That is not what we want. Enter FMail.

Other features:
  • Handles email links from other programs/documents
  • Notifies you when new mail arrives
  • The Dock icon can show the number of unread mails in the Inbox or in all folders
  • Status Bar Menu for easy access (will show you when there are unread mails)
  • Activate/deactivate FMail window via configurable shortcut
  • Search on a word in all emails via a right mouse click (contextual menu)
  • Can run without Dock Icon (as background application)
  • When run as background application, you can let the window close when going to another application (but FMail stays open, when you are composing an email)
  • Detects when FMail is not the default email reader
  • Window bar shows the title of the selected email
  • Mouseover shows email links (so you can decide if you want to click a specific link)
  • Use a right mouse click to immediately search the selected text in all your emails
  • Attachments are downloaded from inside the application
  • .pdf files and images can be previewed and/or downloaded
  • Show Raw Message inside the application and the text is easily copied to the pasteboard
  • Gracefully handles Javascript confirmation alerts
  • Application specific contextual menus
  • FMail uses Safari for handling Print commands*)
  • Shortcuts for composing and searching mail
  • Can start at login
  • Auto dark/light mode in Mojave
  • FMail is a Notarized and Sandboxed application
  • Written entirely in Swift

What's new in FMail

Version 1.9.4:
  • Improved notifications when new email arrives
  • Optimized some code

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3 Reviews of FMail

21 June 2019
Version: 1.1.1

Most helpful

This app is great for FastMail users, and the developer is very responsive.
04 November 2019
Version: 1.6.4
Great, great app. FM should hire this guy.
03 September 2019
Version: 1.4.7
Does what it promesses
21 June 2019
Version: 1.1.1
This app is great for FastMail users, and the developer is very responsive.