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Soulver 3


Soulver 3 free download for Mac

Soulver 33.4.1

19 May 2020

Smart notepad with a built-in calculator.


Soulver 3 is a smart notepad with a built-in calculator. It gives instant answers to any calculations it finds in your text. It's a better way to work stuff out than with a traditional calculator, and a more lightweight tool for quick calculations than a spreadsheet.

Math Features:
  • Instant calculations, no equals required
  • Use words alongside numbers, so calculations make sense
  • Quick totals of all your lines, and subtotals
  • Calendar calculations (June 9 + 3 weeks, 3:35 pm + 6 hours 27 minutes)
  • Easy percentages ("$300 - 10%", "30 as a % of 200")
  • Unit conversions ("10 kg in pounds, "25 meters in feet")
  • 168 live real-world and cryptocurrency rates.
  • Line references to build little calculating documents
  • Variables & variable autocompleting
  • Global variables & custom units
App Features:
  • Dark mode
  • Sidebar for organising your sheets and the ability to make folders
  • Headings (#), comments (//) & labels (:)
  • Customize your syntax coloring & font
  • Automatic number formatting, with spaces around operators and thousand separators
  • Number scrubbing (hold shift and hover over a number)
  • Deep macOS system integration: Touch Bar support, Quicklook, Calculate anywhere services
  • Automation tools: a command-line interface, Alfred workflow, Automator action

What's new in Soulver 3

Version 3.4.1:
Financial functions
  • 10 new functions for doing common financial calculations, for example:
  • Compound interest: “$5,000 after 10 years at 5%” (= $8,144.47)
  • Monthly/annual/total mortgage payments: “monthly repayment on $10,000 for 6 years at 6%” (= $165.73)
  • Monthly/annual/total interest: “monthly interest on $10,000 for 6 years at 6%” (= $26.84)
  • Return on investment: “$500 invested $1,500 returned” (= 2x)
  • Annual return on investment: “annual return on $1,000 invested $2,500 returned after 7 years” (= 13.99%)
  • Present value of money: “present value of $1,000 after 20 years at 10%” (= $148.64)
Sheets & Search
  • Quickly open sheets or folders via a Spotlight search from within Soulver using “Open Quickly” (Command-Shift-O)
  • Added keystrokes to switch to the next/previous sheet in the sidebar
  • Lines that form parts of a calculation on a subsequent line are now excluded from the quick total (i.e variable declarations, and lines referenced by line references)
  • Added “count as another quick statistic option (accessible by control-clicking on the quick total)
  • If VoiceOver is enabled, it will now be read out the answer automatically after you stop typing
  • Control the delay or disable this feature from the Accessibility window (under Soulver > Integrations > Accessibility)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where timespans (between two dates) & plain units of time were not totaling
  • Fixed a bug with multi-word variables not being recognised when another variable already exists with a partial match
  • Fixed a bug where date words (like “today”) after slash comments could affect the answer
  • Fixed an issue where adding up rates would not display in terms of the larger of the units used

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4 Reviews of Soulver 3

DS9 Software
27 June 2019
Version: 3.0

Most helpful

Great application. I had Soulver 2 and instantly updated to 3 when it came out. It’s fantastic for quick formulas.
07 April 2020
Version: 3.1.0
Amazing app - particularly love the QuickSoulver popup as a replacement for the much-mourned Calq, but the main app has an incredible amount of well-thought-out functionality. Well deserving of five full stars!
04 April 2020
Version: 3.1.0
The best calculator app for Mac ever , some apps I do not realize how efficient they are until try , soulver is one of them , very easy to use and convenient with the ability to explore my ideas and calculate any thing on the go , helped me with calculating expenses, do measurements , currency conversions and budget calculations for my educational projects . Saving my previous calculations history is brilliant to save time . Very convenient and highly recommend seriously. The application get constant updates with new features and it is in the platform since a while but getting better and better .
11 July 2019
Version: 3.1.0
I suppose if one needs to enter a lot of calculations into their notes on a regular basis it might be worth the money. As likely for the majority of Note users this is likely not the case. Considering the price for imbedding a calculator into Notes, I use Devon Technologies FREE Calc Service that installs as a contextual menu. You just click on the typed formula in Notes and the number can be pasted in, appended to the end of the formula or calculation, or just have the answer displayed. For the number of times I enter calculations into Note, I don't feel that my usage justifies the price considering the easy to use alternative,.
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DS9 Software
27 June 2019
Version: 3.0
Great application. I had Soulver 2 and instantly updated to 3 when it came out. It’s fantastic for quick formulas.