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03 February 2019

YouTube music player.


StereoTube is the most advanced YouTube music player app for your computer.
  • Top 100 - automatically created playlist based on the most popular 100 songs worldwide, refreshed daily
  • "Spotlight" - like Instant Search - Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SpaceBar at any time (even with the app not visible) will bring up a gorgeous & familiar interface, allowing you to search and play instantly (or add to queue or to current playlist) - see screenshot
  • Tray icons - fast access to Play/Pause, Skip songs, along with settings
  • Global keyboard shortcuts (system wide) - you can press them any time
    • CTRL + M Show/Hide the player
    • CTRL + , Previous
    • CTRL + . Skip
    • CTRL + / Play/Pause
  • Unlimited playlists with unlimited songs! Even without logging in with a YouTube account
  • Picture-In-Picture - when in this mode the app is minimised, transparent (transparency can be adjusted from the tray icon) and always on top of the other apps - so you can enjoy listening while using other apps - see screenshot (double click on the video to toggle the Picture-in-Picture mode)
  • YouTube login & full playlists synchronisation with your account
  • NO YouTube ADS!
  • Start at login - by enabling this option (from the tray menu), the app will start when your computer starts
  • Keyboard shortcuts - when the app is focused you can use spacebar to pause, horizontal arrow keys to go back/forward 5 seconds in video and vertical arrows to change the volume
  • Repeat & Shuffle
  • Resizable & Fullscreen support
  • Autoplay - just start with a song, toggle autoplay and enjoy hours of listening without manually creating a playlist!
  • Smart search engine - the app always finds on YouTube the most relevant music videos

What's new in StereoTube

Version 3.0.0:
  • Initial release

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04 February 2019
Version: 3.0.0

Most helpful

Awesome app! All the features work smoothly !
04 February 2019
Version: 3.0.0
Awesome app! All the features work smoothly !