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FormalAddress 4

14 December 2018

Find contacts in webpages, e-mails, letters, department listings and more.


FormalAddress 4 finds the people or companies you need in text from all over the place. It finds contacts in webpages, e-mails, letters, department listings, club circulars, tables, spreadsheets, or any text you drag or paste into the recognition field. It converts them so you can easily add them to your address book, database, or spreadsheet.

Address recognition is not limited to one contact at a time, FormalAddress 4 will find all of the contacts on a webpage at once. FormalAddress 4 recognizes addresses from all of North & South America and Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand: 54 countries, in 12 languages.

FormalAddress 4 can convert text you paste or drag into the recognition field. It can open text files, Word documents, RTF files, web pages, and spreadsheet files (.csv, .tsv). You can paste cells from a spreadsheet or table and easily assign the columns to address fields. Export the contacts directly to Apple Contacts, or to VCF and tab- or comma-delimited files.

What's new in FormalAddress 4

Version 4.0.0:
  • Initial release

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