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Memory Cleaner1.4

05 April 2019

RAM cleaner.


Memory Cleaner monitors RAM usage on your computer and frees up unused memory with one click. With the Memory Cleaner, you can easily manage your memory usage. An animated status icon in the menu bar shows you the percentage of memory being used, as well as memory cleaning being run.

  • Memory usage information displayed in the menu bar
  • Automatic memory free up with custom threshold set by you
  • Dynamic and customizable menu bar
  • List of apps with significant memory usage
  • Memory usage per application
  • Detailed memory information
  • Manual memory free up when needed with just a click
  • Beautiful Interface info graph to get exact information in one glimpse
  • Set Dark or Light mode support
  • Deep Clean for intensive cleaning

Note: This application is for 7 days free trial then you need to purchase to use it.

What's new in Memory Cleaner

Version 1.4:
  • Minor bug fix
  • App performance significantly improved

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4 Reviews of Memory Cleaner

17 February 2018
Version: 1.2

Most helpful

Nice app to clean memory
07 August 2019
Version: 1.4
Paid $4.95 for this update that is not cleaning like version 1.3 did on my iMac (iMac MacOS Mojave, 5K, 27 " 4.2 Ghz, 32G memory, etc. It actually giving me single digit RAM figures. Version 1.3 works better. Memory Medic works best for my:(.
15 February 2019
Version: 1.3.1
...As opposed to 'Memory Cleaner' (by Nektony) and 'Memory Cleaner' (by ZipZapMac) and 'Memory Cleaner' (by Rocky Sand Studio, oddly aka 'Cleaner for Memory' here at MU, despite that not being its actual name). IOW: *Utter confusion* (o_0) -> I personally don't use any of them. Instead, I'm still using Free Memory, the Rocky Sand Studio precursor to 'Memory Cleaner', which was actually free and still works perfectly on Mojave, pure and simple. Rocky Sand Studio discontinued it in order to create their 'Memory Cleaner' featuring popup ad nags and phoning home user data to Google Analytics. ?. Homey don't do that. -> BTW: 'Memory Cleaner' by AppYogi Software, the one on this page, now costs $9.99 for the full version. As you can read in the review thread below, it used to be $3.
17 February 2018
Version: 1.2
Nice app to clean memory
12 November 2017
Version: 1.1
Cleaner for Memory does the same thing, and while not as 'pretty', it is completely free with no $3 fee for complete functionality. If your are into looks for a memory optimize utility this app might be a better choice. As for myself, I have much better uses for $3. If the reader of this comment doesn't, might I suggest one of the hurricane relief funds or a Northern California fire victims donation. These people have lost everything they own.