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10 September 2001

JSP tool reduces website development time.


SmartMode is a Rapid JavaServer Page (JSP) Development tool that can reduce Web site development time and costs by 50% or more while enhancing maintainability and scalability of enterprise Web sites. Information architects use SmartMode SiteMap to set up a site in minutes and ensure a consistent user experience. HTML developers use SmartMode Wizard to instantly create transactional multi-screen data entry wizards that map between JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans and HTML forms. Java architects define data schemas using the SmartMode Halogen Object-Relational Mapping tool, which ensures schema consistency across Java, SQL databases, and XML. SmartMode dynamically generates Java classes that can be invoked from JSP pages, Servlets, and other Java programs. Developers benefit from SmartMode's open, standards-based approach which preserves investments in existing tools, training, and infrastructure.

What's new in SmartMode

Version 1.0 features easier installation, enhanced documentation and tutorials, tag library support, compatibility with Linux, Solaris, Windows NT/2000, and Mac OS X, support for more application servers including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Borland AppServer and Tomcat, as well as support for databases including Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB/2 and PostgreSQL.

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