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NetBadge for OSX


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NetBadge for OSX

14 October 2001

Display login name & IP address on menubar.


NetBadge is a simple utility application that displays the current user name and current IP address in your Mac OS X menu bar. NetBadge has support for an unlimited number of network interfaces/connections. You can now take advantage of Mac OS X's ability to have multiple network connections simultaneously on one or more ports. If you are connected wirelessly to your AirPort Base Station, via ethernet to your cable modem or DSL modem, VPN'd into your office using your 56K modem, ALL at the same time, NetBadge will allow you to display whichever of those IP addresses you want in you menubar. You can now also see your public IP address if you are behind a NAT firewall, such as an Airport Base Station or a home router/gateway.

What's new in NetBadge for OSX

Version 2.0b adds the following:
  • Now works with version 10.1 of both Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server (also works with previous 10.x versions)
  • Added support for PPPoE (DSL), PPP, and VPN connections
  • View your short username or full name in the menubar
  • Launches almost instantaneously
  • View your real-world IP address if you are behind a NAT firewall (BaseStations, home routers/gateways, etc...)
  • New "Quit" item under username menu
  • Pop open your home folder with a single click, no matter what application is in focus

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  • PPC 32
  • or later
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