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Internet Explorer is Microsoft's popular Internet browser. It has a multitude of features including the ability to browse site's offline, check for when sites have been updated last, supports cascading style sheets (CSS) positioning which lets Net developers to position HTML elements anywhere on a Web page.
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ver. 5.x:
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MacHow2.Com reviewed on 05 May 2013
If you still need IE for Mac, download this modified version for Lion and Mountain Lion:

It works on the latest Macs including all Intel Macs. It installs instantly without having to setup a virtual machine so anyone should be able to install it easily.
[Version 5.2.3]



rrb1952 reviewed on 31 Oct 2012
This crap I just downloaded is asking me to BUY it! Is this NUTS or is this N-U-T-S!??
[Version 5.2.3]

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Tanner1294 replied on 09 Mar 2013
What's nuts is that you're even trying to download this in the first place. If you need an OS 9 web browser go for Classilla.

Jobby commented on 06 Apr 2009
How odd. The RSS feed's just shown there's a new version of Internet Explorer, but coming to this page shows that there isn't.

Hopefully all the Microsoft folks are busy getting macro support back into Office :)
[Version 5.2.3]



G4ff3r reviewed on 01 Nov 2007
Why use this at all? You may be under the impression that by viewing sites using ie5mac, you're viewing them as windows IE viewers are. You're not. IE for windows (ALL versions) uses a completely different rendering engine called Trident....whereas ie5mac (and that alone) uses Tasman. It's about as similar to IE windows as Firefox is to Safari.
So remember, if you're coding a website with ie5mac, you are only catering for ie5 mac users alone and no-one else....IE windows users (even ie 5 win) are completely different browsers.

Now that that's sorted, on to the browser itself. In a few words ----- HOPELESSLY BROKEN. At the time, it was quite advanced with CSS, but it's time has passed. Not even M$ themselves support it anymore and it wasn't used anywhere else except in "MSN for OSX" which has also been discontinued long long ago (not to be confused with Messenger for OSX - a different program).
Not only that but it has to be the WORST browser in the world when it comes to JavaScript compliance. I've lost count of the number of internet sites this PoS cannot load.
In fact, the only way to code a webpage for IE win compatibility is to test it on a windows machine itself (or using something like parallels).....there is NOTHING on the mac currently that uses the Trident layout engine....including this junk.

It's time to move on people......why use a program that effectively has it's own proprietary engine not used anywhere else, that virtually no-one uses for "proper" internet surfing (maybe 0.001% of all internet traffic at most at a guess?) and further, one that the creators themselves have stopped supporting...?.................

P.S. I have yet to come across a site that doesn't work with one of either Safari/Opera/Firefox.....
......but maybe that's just me :)
[Version 5.2.3]

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jack3the3ripper3 commented on 09 Jun 2008
hey my name is spenser and i have the old imac the one that is just a moniter and it has color well any ways dont know if you check this anymore but i am wanting advice on a better internet on this computer than internet explorer since you hae it so much im on your side and the other ones dont work on my computer so i think you are coming acros one please e-mail me back

Gren commented on 11 Mar 2007
I just wanted to verify...the version of IE for OS X I have is 5.2.3 (5815.1) this the last rev they created?

Personally, I have always hated IE...Safari and Firefox are infinitely better (tho I wish Firefox had the speed Safari has far more functionality than Safari)...yet some websites *STILL* insist on IE being used, while I generally immediately close those sites, there is one I can not live without ( ) and only one function of it requires the use of IE :(

So if anyone could let me know what their Internet Explorer > About Internet Explorer window shows as the version, I would be most grateful :)

[Version 5.2.3]



Strych9 reviewed on 08 Jun 2006
Don't support that app which does not comply to well known standards.

Since 2003 no update, no fix for security issues ! Nothing... Revealing attitude.

Without respecting standards and extending them with their own useless stuff, they makes your life a nightmare. Complain to webmasters who are making web sites only compatible with M$ IE.

Support Open Source and respect Standards.

Don't be a sheep for once.
Act, as a customer, you have the power to change things !

Quantity does not mean Quality.
[Version 5.2.3]

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gslusher replied on 20 Jun 2006
Uh, MSIE is dead, dead, dead. DEAD. MS no longer even provides it for downloading. They announced 'way back in June, 2003, that they were no longer developing it. They cut off support Dec 31, 2005 and took it off their site as of Jan 31, 2006.

Laraine replied on 09 Oct 2007
I have to agree with you. To put it bluntly, IE 5.2.3 is a heap of cow dung. The only time I use it is when the web site I'm trying to get into is also a heap of cow dung. And that's only when I desperately need to read the page. If I don't I just hit command-w, muttering unprintable imprecations on the web master. :-)

Anonymous reviewed on 26 Mar 2005
I've found IE very problematic contastantly quites because of errors and is very unstable!

As others have mentioned it seems incompatable with hotmail due to the changes they have made. However I have managed to access my hotmail still, but only using Instant messenger or entourage.
[Version 5.2.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Jan 2005
i cant open my internet explorer 5.2 on my mac so how can i fix it
[Version 5.2.3]

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Anonymous commented on 27 Jan 2005
"i cant open my internet explorer"

Sounds like a blessing and not a curse.

Anonymous reviewed on 23 Jan 2005
Microsoft has stopped any further development of the Internet Explorer for Mac OS X as of beginning 2004. The final release 5.2.3 dates from 2003-06-16.

This application has thus to be considered both very out-of-date and DANGEROUS as security issues are neither tracked nor resolved anymore. In other words:


Use Safari, Camino, Mozilla, OmniWeb or Opera instead.
[Version 5.2.3]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 24 Jul 2005
Microsoft sucks big time. What a bunch of idiots!
Anonymous commented on 08 Aug 2005
Who cares,IE sucks anyways.You will never catch me using this browser.

Anonymous reviewed on 04 Oct 2004
no matter how much some hate it but its stable. never crushed, lounches faster then mozilla has loads of good features.
[Version 5.2.3]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Dariocjabie rated on 19 Sep 2011

[Version 5.2.3]

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Internet Explorer is Microsoft's popular Internet browser. It has a multitude of features including the ability to browse site's offline, check for when sites have been updated last, supports cascading style sheets (CSS) positioning which lets Net developers to position HTML elements anywhere on a Web page.

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