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15 August 2019

Powerful, adaptive, configurable image editing.


Luminar is the new full-featured image editor that adapts to the way you edit photos. Over 300 essential tools to fix, edit, and enhance your photos with comfort. The future of photo editing is here.

  • Adaptive Interface Inspires You Do to More - While other photo editors make you adapt to their interface, Luminar adapts to your skill level. There is no need to face dozens of sliders if you simply want to remove an object from an image or apply a preset. But if you do need to perform some serious tasks, you can easily access all the advanced features.
  • Powerful Tools Allow You to Do More - Luminar lets you remove unwanted objects, color casts and digital noise. It helps you retouch skin and reveals the hidden details in your photos. It features layers with blend modes, texture overlays and powerful image masking. Easily edit upper and lower sections of the image without having to make any selections. And so much more!
  • State-of-the-Art Darkroom You Design Yourself - The workspaces in Luminar reveal only the most essential photo filters for a specific type of photo. Enjoy default workspaces and effects for landscape, portrait, street and B-and-W images. Or create your own, based on your preferences.
  • New Approach to Pro Photo Editing - Luminar combines all kinds of pro-level photo effects and tools in one package. It brings layers, luminosity masks, radial and gradient masking, histogram, blend modes, brushes for selective editing, color mixer, split toning and a lot more.
    • Fast Raw file support
    • Dozens of photo filters
    • Presets for instant results
    • Layers
    • Blend modes
    • Custom textures
    • Workspaces
    • Adaptive UI
    • History menu
    • B-and-W photo tools
    • Noise reduction
    • Object removal
    • Face retouching
    • Foliage enhancer
    • Grain engine
    • Polarize filter
    • Crop and Transform
    • Editing brush
    • Luminosity masking
    • Toning
    • Structure
    • Sharpening
    • Bi-Color
    • Fog
    • Gradient and Radial masking
    • Clarity, Detail, Structure
    • Soft Glow and Focus
    • Orton effect
    • Vignette
    • Social sharing
    • And much more

What's new in Luminar

Version 3.1.3:
  • Lost Edits Album - No more frustration over unsaved changes. With the latest version of Luminar, your hard editing work won't go to waste even if you can't find your edited photos in the folder you expected. If under creative impulses you rename, move, or change a processed image, simply go to the Lost Edits Album in Shortcuts and locate it there.
  • Add photos from SSD to Library faster - With the latest Luminar improvements, images are added to the Library from an SSD significantly faster. Don't stare at your screen and yawn while images are imported to the Library. From now on, thousands are added in a moment.
  • Fixed RAW file opening - Users of Luminar on MacOS 10.11 can now work with RAW files in the Single Image View. Our aim at Luminar is to provide photographers with a tool that works for everyone, so it's important to make sure your images are supported on all platforms.
  • New splash screen by Jeffrey Moreau - In the latest version, when you launch Luminar you get to enjoy stunning images by Jeffrey Moreau, an avid Luminar user and the winner of the Luminar Featured Artist contest.

Requirements for Luminar

  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later

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22 November 2016

Most helpful

I bought this on pre-order and it’s a shoulder shrug. It’s promising, don’t get me wrong, but it is NOT there yet. It’s basically Apple Photos on steroids, building on that GUI philosophy and pushing it toward the power of Aperture/Photoshop territory. Ironically, while it fills out a lot of the shortcomings of Apple’s built in Photos app it replaces those limitations with ones of its own. For example, I downloaded Luminar, started it up, imported an image, and immediately needed to rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise. Now… how do you do that? Because you’d think it was in the ‘transform’ tool, which does in fact let you rotate it, but not the canvas! So now the photo resides in a vertical box with the sides chopped off. Okay, how about the ‘crop’ tool? Nope, that’ll only rotate it to a maximum of 45 degrees. Such a basic tool and it’s completely missing here. I mean, maybe it does, but do I need to spend a half hour and several Google searches on finding it? Unbelievable. Can we all just agree that the software manager at Macphun who said ‘it wasn’t important and they needed to ship’ should be fired now? Come on, these are THE BASICS, people. (FWIW I did email Macphun who confirmed that image rotation was NOT a feature in this app.) It processed my Sony RX100 RAW images okay, if a little roughly. It doesn’t take much for some of the filters to really tear apart an image so you have to be judicious about using them. The denoiser is okay, but not great and tends to give pics that plastic look quickly. I wish I could use my Topaz Denoise plugin as an extension; it certainly has much better results than the built in one. I guess what I’m saying is that plugin support would help this app immensely. Also, while some of the filters are powerful and look good they can have some strange fringing where I found the automatic masking can’t quite parse correctly, so you get a weird halo around people’s faces, etc. I suppose you could go in and clone that away, but it’s funny to see how well it handles a tree in the background while utterly dropping the ball on the human in the foreground. Like I said, it seems promising., Maybe in v2 or v3 they’ll hit their stride. But after a few days of messing around and getting nowhere I just pulled it from my dock and forgot about it. I’ll check back on a later version.
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Version 1.0.1
14 August 2019
Removed, out-of-date.
Version 3.1.2
05 August 2019
When they rolled out Luminar 3 around the beginning of the year, it was slow and buggy. The last couple of updates to 3.1.2 seem to have solved some of these problems, but they've made no progress on their promises from 2018 that Luminar 3 would support DAM (digital asset management) and allow users to add metadata to images, which is fundamental if you want to be able to find them again. So, I was surprised to get an e-mail with a time-limited offer to pre-order Luminar 4. They haven't even delivered on the promises made before the previous version and they're rolling out a new version. It sounds like a company in over its head saying, "We know we promised metadata entry, but that's boring. Look! We have a new program where you can replace the sky in your photos! All you have to do is pay us $50." This kind of behaviour sets off alarms because it's often followed by announcements such as, "We know we promised to implement DAM and metadata entry, but it was harder than we thought, so we've decided to focus our efforts on making Luminar 4 the best software ever. All you need to do is pay us $50 and you can join us on this exciting journey." If you haven't bought it, I'd advise hanging on to your money until they figure out what they're doing.
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Version 3.1.2
24 June 2019
This software is sooooo easy to use. I love the fact that you have all the presets to choose from instead of having to experiment with a bunch of different and seemingly unrelated sliders. It takes only a few minutes to enhance a photo as opposed to other photo editing software which you almost have to have a PhD to know how to use.
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Version 3.1.1
21 June 2019
Fast, easy to use. Works with all the RAW formats I use
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Version 3.1.1
21 June 2019
I would recommend all Skylum products because they pay attention to detail. Their products allow you to transform images into fantastic works of art in a very short time. You do not need to be a professional photo editor to get great looks with Skylum leading the way.
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Version 3.1.1
21 June 2019
Great software. It is very functional and intuitive, and no monthly subscription fees!
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Version 3.1.1
Easy to use, great results, even if you only use the presets. Catalogue function also very easy to handle, even if you have large amounts of pictures. Recommended for everybody, who doesn't want to spend his time with reworking pictures but going out and take some....
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Version 3.1.1
20 June 2019
The software is doing exactly what was promised and it is getting better with each upgrade. Easy and fun to use; several easy ways to do creative artistry without a lot of difficulty.
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Version 3.1.1
20 June 2019
New Luminar 3.1.1 update brings usability and speed improvements. With this update, you can expect improved launch times, better reliability and more to make your workflow easier and more reliable. Mac users can update to version 3.1.1 by choosing Luminar 3 in the top menu bar, and then clicking “Check for updates.”
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Version 3.1.1
11 June 2019
Can't explain all the whining here but I'm new and BLOWN AWAY!!! Just lacks skewing, unless I haven't figured that out and lens correction. Even without it, I'll avoid the Adobe subscription. Thank you for a fabulous product!!!
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Version 3.1.1


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