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App Uninstaller6.3

05 October 2018

Uninstall applications on a Mac completely.


App Uninstaller is a utility used to uninstall applications completely. This app allows you to remove all the system files that are left after simply dragging apps to the Trash.

  • Analyze disk space usage
  • Clean up and speed up your Mac
  • Free up RAM memory
  • Monitor memory usage
  • Find and remove duplicate files
  • Find and remove largest files
  • Uninstall unneeded apps completely

What's new in App Uninstaller

Version 6.3:
  • A support of the following languages: Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese.
  • An option to specify the folders where the programs are located.
  • A support for the folders in the Skip List.
  • An ability to find and remove program aliases.
  • The search for the programs and their removal, including their service files and the leftovers of previously deleted programs.
  • The general statistics display for the installed programs.
  • The overall quality and the interaction of the program with the user.

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6 Reviews of App Uninstaller

12 June 2018
Version: 5.0

Most helpful

What is the difference between App Uninstaller and App Cleaner, both from the same developer?
30 June 2018
Version: 5.3
On "Promo" right now?? What is Promo price? $10? What is the normal price? $10??
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12 June 2018
Version: 5.0
What is the difference between App Uninstaller and App Cleaner, both from the same developer?
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14 April 2018
Version: 4.9.3
After thoroughly testing many uninstallers (see my comment under AppDelete), this one tied for best app at finding related files that should be trashed along with the app you are throwing away. There is a version of this app on the Mac App Store, but I prefer this version due to not being sandboxed.
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Youssef SALAMA-
13 March 2018
Version: 4.9
Installing apps is easy on Mac. So easy that you can end up with a ton that you don’t need over time. Rather than tediously paging through every app to uninstall them one by one. I tested App Uninstaller on my Macbook pro (mid-2012) with High Seirra .... generally the operation of the application was fast throughout my test ... The interface of the application was simple is easy. This application allows me to get rid of several application files. I highly recommend using this application and I give 5 stars to App Uninstaller This app allows you to uninstall several apps at once, sort them by size, and even clean up any junk files left behind.
31 January 2017
Version: 4.0
App Uninstaller is quick and thorough. I'm pleased to see useful ways to sort apps within the program to help identify "Large & Old" apps. Often forgotten extensions and other remains are also conveniently listed. I've been using it a short time, but so far it holds up to the competition in the realm of uninstallers.
02 November 2016
How can it be free and have a price of $7.99?
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