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Learn Morse Code on your Mac.   Shareware ($19.99)
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Morse Mania is a teaching tool that helps anyone that's interested in learning Morse Code understand how to communicate with another person using the code.
What's New
Version 4.0.1:
  • Fixed a bug that caused distorted audio on G4/G5 Macs.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later

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ver. 4.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 25 Apr 2005
If you are new to HAM there are plenty of alternatives to learning Morse code including freeware programs written for Mac. A good place to start would be here
[Version 3.0.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Dec 2004
Fantastic program; have used it for years and managed to become fairly passable at morse code using it. My only wish is that it had a feature that allowed the user to 'send' more code such as a tone that sounded when you pressed the space bar giving the feel of the old fashion key. As it is, I can receive morse just fine but I have no idea if I could actually send it...
[Version 2.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Aug 2004
eoplepay illstay earnlay igpay atinlay.

Not to mention real Latin ^_^

So why not Morse code? People want to learn to speak Klingon fer godssake.
[Version 2.7]


Dana Sutton commented on 04 Aug 2004
This may be a fine piece of software. But (as the son of a WW-II Merchant Marine radio operator) let me tell you that Morse Code has been out of use of years. At this point I don't see why anybody needs to learn it or hone what skills they already have.
[Version 2.7]

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Anonymous commented on 10 Feb 2005
and let me tell you as a student pilot that you need to know Morse code to differentiate between/make sure you've tuned into right NAVAIDs. GPS still has some time to be the main thing (unfortunately).
Anonymous commented on 25 Apr 2005
I take it you are not a Ham Operator (Licensed Operator) seeking to obtain a higher license. Because if you were you would know that it is a requirement to advance to a higher class license.
kb1glr replied on 02 Feb 2006
Ham radio enthusiasts in the US still need to pass a 5 word per min. send and receive code test in order to be licensed for privilages at the "General" and "Amateur Extra" license levels but not for the "Tech" level. At any given moment of the day there are thousands of operators all over the globe pounding out CW (morse code) to each other. Its a hobby and fun for those who think so. The curious should go to ARRL.ORG.

Anonymous reviewed on 03 Aug 2004
One of the best morse code programs out there.
[Version 2.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Sep 2003
I've only begun to familiarize myself with this program tonight. But having used various Morse Code software with every computer I've owned over the past 25 years, I find that this program has managed to put all the features I found most desirable in past programs together in a single application. For training, I particularly like the feature which requires that you listen and then type the correct character before the program will send you the next character. Overall, this looks very good to me.
[Version 2.5]

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Version Downloads:1,535
Type:Education : Teaching Tools
Date:22 Apr 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $19.99
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Morse Mania is a teaching tool that helps anyone that's interested in learning Morse Code understand how to communicate with another person using the code.

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